Sunday, April 26, 2015

Picnic Time

 One of the best things about Mr. G's new job is that he gets Saturdays off from work.  We talked about doing several things this last Saturday but ended up choosing to go to a local beach.  We knew the lake wouldn't be open for swimming but we thought we could do a little picnic and then let the kids play on the playground equipment.
Setting up for the picnic with a beautiful view of the lake.
 Little G wasn't about to miss out on the action.  He was taking it all in.
 Sissy trying to share her dessert with Little G....he doesn't seem too thrilled about it.
 Bubby G is a big fan of picnics...especially the smore's poptart that we brought for dessert.
 Poptart face.  Love it.
 I don't know what it is about this lil guy's yawns....but I think they are just adorable.
 He was worn out so we put him in the car seat to chill while the big kids played after lunch.  My cute lil thug with his sideways hat.
Bubby G was all smiles running up and down the playground equipment.
 He was trying to hide from the camera....but it didn't work.
 Didn't work again.  Which I'm glad because he kept flashing these cute smiles my way while he was trying to hide from the camera.
Sissy G was so busy going up and down the stairs that I couldn't get a smile from her unless I started making some goofy noises.  Then she finally flashed that smile my way. 
 Jumping from way up.  Fearless.
 She is fearless too and would've jumped right after Bubby G if we had not stopped her. 
 Laying down for a bit.  Playing can wear a person out.
 How about some fun faces from Little G.  Here is his sleepy face.
 His party face.  "Rock on, dude."
  His still tired face.  (I told you....I can't get enough of his cute yawns)
And his famous stare with those beautiful big blue eyes.
The kids had a blast with the picnic and playtime and so did mom and dad.  These outings together will always be special and hopefully we will always cherish them because life doesn't get much better than this.

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