Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nephew Turns 4

 A couple weekends ago we went back up north to celebrate....
this little guy turning four years old.  He has the cutest grin, a fun spirit, and is tougher than most grown men.  He was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of two and has never skipped a beat.  I love this boy to pieces and we were all excited about getting to go to his birthday party.
Big girl cheesing it up in the backyard.
 My nephew and Bubby were on this swing for a majority of the party.  They loved it and loved being together.
 Bubby about to jump high on the trampoline.
 Sissy thought it was fun just walking around on it.
 Hanging out on mommy's lap taking it all in.
 Getting ready to hit the piñata.  I video taped most of the piñata time hoping there would be an incident that would make us money on America's Funniest Home Videos....but I was sadly disappointed.
 Time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake.
 Happy Birthday to you...
 Trying to get all the kids lined up for a picture with their ninja turtle masks.
 Sissy did really good standing there waiting for the picture.
 My two are on the far right and the birthday boy is in the middle.
 Donatello and Leonardo.
 Sissy didn't want to take her mask off.
 And either did the two boys...even when they got back on their swing.
 Grandma going down the slide. 
 Hanging out at the top of the tree house.
 Sissy checking out all the opened presents.
 Towards the end of the party I got to sit and take some smiley pictures of Little G.
Sportin' his Cardinal gear.
We had a wonderful time at the birthday party.  As you can well imagine, Bubby G is excited and ready for his own birthday to get here.  Just a month in a half and he will be turning 4 too.  Where has the time gone?

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