Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter 2015

We were excited to be having our family over for Easter this year.  We had Mr. G's family over on the Friday before and then on Easter after church we were having my family over. 
In preparation for Easter we decided to make a strawberry cake.  Bubby helped me put icing on it.
And Sissy helped lick the spoon.
We had a beautiful sunset that night...
Also in preparation for Easter we needed to dye some eggs. 
Dropping our first egg into the dye.
Sissy G dropped her egg in too....literally dropped. 
I'm thinking the yellow egg might have a few cracks in it now.
Sissy G clapping for herself.  We don't mind a few cracks.
High five.
Trying to get the kids to smile together for a picture.  Wish you could hear the loud "CHHEEESSSSEEEEE" coming from both of them.
After waiting a while we came back to get the first batch of eggs out of the dye.
This big boy did pretty good at scooping up the eggs.  He only dropped a few.  Just a few more cracks won't hurt.
Looking good so far.
She can hardly contain her excitement.
Even the yellow one turned out pretty good.  The kids had a blast coloring eggs.  Then it was time to go to sleep and wait for the Easter bunny.
For Easter this year the kids got books, a stuffed animal, and one toy.  And because the Easter bunny forgot to buy candy to go in the Easter eggs he had to resort to some loose change from around the house to put in the plastic eggs.
Easter morning...
We had to wake the kids up a little early because we had to hit the early service at church.  They were still a bit sleepy looking when they saw their Easter baskets.
Bubby G couldn't believe that the Easter bunny knew just what he liked.
Putting the change from his eggs into his piggy bank.  Don't let the blank look on his face fool you...he was very excited.
Sissy enjoyed putting money in her piggy bank too.
We got the kids all dressed up and headed to church.
Little G just chilling after our Sunday brunch.
Bubby sitting down before church to read one of his Easter books.
And Sissy going around finding all the loose pens and pencils.  Such a big helper. 
Little G with his Nana and great-grandma Boppy.
Nana and Gampa dressed in their Easter best.
Time for the church Easter egg hunt.  All the kids are getting ready.
Looking for some eggs.
She got the hang of it pretty quickly.
Bubby taking off to find some eggs.
He was a little bit too good at finding the eggs.  He got so many he ended up having to share with some other kids.  But he was a good sport about it.
Looking for more eggs.
This little guy has just started giving up some pretty adorable smiles.  Getting it on camera has been the tough part.
Just a small grin....but still pretty cute.
During church Sissy and Bubby didn't want to go  downstairs with the kids so they stayed up with us and listened to the sermon.  Actually....Sissy took her stickers from one of her Easter presents and decorated her daddy's arm.  Mr. G lost some arm hair in the deal
After our Easter lunch we then hid some Easter eggs for the kids to find in our backyard.  Here is 5 out of the 8 grandkids.  We were missing my brother from Kansas' two kiddos and Little G in the picture. 
And their off....
Bubby G was ready to get himself some more eggs.
These two were so cute.  If my nephew found an egg that he thought Bubby would like then he would run and give it to him and then a bit later Bubby G was doing the same back to his cousin.  They sure do take care of each other.
Sissy G roaming the backyard for eggs.
All five kids running around looking for eggs.  It was a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt.
One more of this cutie following her aunt Bitby to find more eggs.  She was having a blast.
After everyone left we all just chilled for a while and I got some good smiling pictures of Little G.  This one he was sleeping in.
Just a little smirk.
And a big ole half smile.  I love this little boys grin.
Just staring at daddy.
All propped up and chillin'.
Another Easter come and gone and as always more blessings than I can count.  I am one thankful Mama.

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