Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baseball Practice

 Bubby G is still too young to play on an organized baseball team but he is still very interested in learning more about the game.  He's been wanting to practice hitting and catching in the house so we figured it would be fun to take the kids to the park and let them play on a real field.
 It was a beautiful week night to be outside.  Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones who thought so.  All the fields were taken with actual baseball teams practicing so we decided to just play in an open area in the grass.  Sissy was trying to catch up with the boys.
 Getting hydrated before she started practice.
 Bubby was up first.  He had been practicing mostly with a wiffleball bat so using a metal bat was a bit new for him.
 The first time he hit the tee....
 But after some help from dad he started hitting the ball every time.
 Sissy was ready to field any groundballs that came her way.
 Bubby hit the ball and ran to first....aka...the tree.
 Running home for his first inside the park homerun with dad just barely trailing behind.  Amazingly enough, every hit turned into a homerun. 
 Except for this one.  He lost his shoe halfway to first.  Our lil Shoeless Joe Jackson.
Guess whose turn it is???
 She must've been watching Bubby real good because she knew just what to do.
 And she hit the ball on her first try.
 Bubby went back to hitting his homeruns...
 and practicing his throwing.
 Good follow through.
 Sissy took that time to lay down and stare at the clouds.
And then go for a climb on the monument. 
 And hug the flag pole.
 Posing for a picture.
 Sissy got tired of watching Bubby hit homerun after homerun....
 So she took off to the playground equipment.
 Who needs baseball when there is a horse to ride.
Looking forward to many more summer nights like this one.

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