Sunday, April 12, 2015

First Night In Our New Home

"Home, sweet, home," is what Bubby G says when we walk into our house now but that first night it was still very new to all of us.  We had packed everything up that day and then made the 2 hour drive south.  Unfortunately, our stuff wasn't going to be delivered until the next morning so that first night was spent it with zero furniture. 
We put out our sleeping bags and set the TV up on the floor.  The kids really enjoyed it.  
This is how we spent the night.  Unfortunately, we had four people sleeping on the floor and somehow only brought three pillows so poor daddy had to sleep on the floor with no pillow. 
I was amazed at how sore I was after a night of sleeping on the floor even though there wasn't much sleep had by anyone except the kids.  At one point around 3am Mr. G even thought about running to Walmart and going ahead and starting the day because we just weren't sleeping.  But the morning sunrise that we saw from our backyard made all that fade away.  We were excited to start the day and get settled in our new home.
While we rushed around getting ready before the movers got their at 8am, I laid Little G down for some tummy time on the sleeping bag.  Marley kept a close eye on him for me.  With all our stuff you can't hardly see Little G laying there.
Watching some Dora early in the morning.  The kids are going to miss having the TV on the floor once our furniture gets here.
We felt very blessed when our landlord said we could have a dog....but now we understand why.  His black lab, Sam, just moseyed on in our house more than once making himself at home too.  Marley was not very happy about this.
Right on time the movers were there and Sissy...almost without us catching it....ran out to meet them with her baby stroller.
Do you see anyone looking back at you in this picture?  Someone was enjoying the coat closet a little too much.
A pleasant surprise that day was that my brother and his family were in town from Kansas and they got to come over and see our new house.  The toddlers favorite part was the fireplace.
I sure do love this boy and his little sister.  I wish they lived closer but we enjoy every chance we get to see them.
That night Bubby slept soundly in his new bedroom. 
And with the new transition we decided to go ahead and put Sissy G in a big girl bed.  We had no idea how it would go....but just like with everything else....she just rolled with it and went straight to sleep.  She has fallen out only a couple of times but she loves her new bed and always sleeps through the night.  Very thankful for that.
The kids' favorite part was having all the big boxes around.  This box was being made into a rocket ship.
We felt very blessed that this little guy also handled the move well.  He just went on with his usual routine.
Nap time...laying with his dog.
The kids love the swing set in our backyard.  I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there. 
We had a beautiful sunrise in the morning and a beautiful sunset through our picture window in the evening.  I could definitely get used to this.
Dad and the kids playing Frisbee after church on Sunday.  We love our big backyard.
Another great part about the house is all the things it has for a little boy to do. 
And a little girl.  They both love digging in the mud.
Back inside the kids enjoyed sitting at their table drawing.
Sitting on the front porch waiting for daddy to get home from work.
Sissy and Marley laying down watching some TV together.
Playing in the leaves.
Got a little bit stuck to her face
The two kids cuddling to watch TV.
Little G asleep on our bed.
These three kids love their new house and their new town. 
And in case you were wondering....we still get in our games of hide-n-go-seek.  Looks like they found daddy again.

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