Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Moving Day

The process of getting moved is always stressful but God must've known that with a newborn baby and another two kids, I was gonna need help.  A lot of help.  And that is exactly what God provided along with many other blessings that made this whole move possible. 
Mr. G originally applied for just a regular job at this plant down in southern Illinois but after they looked at his resume they saw where he was going to be more qualified for a different job/an even better job that went right along with his degree.  This job had amazing hours, great benefits, great pay, wonderful vacation time, and would be a job that Mr. G loved doing.  He applied and we waited, and prayed.  After more than a month Mr G got the call saying that he was hired.  We were absolutely thrilled and we knew that it was a blessing from God.  We were then told that Mr. G started work in just two in a half weeks and that we needed to find a place and be moved in by then.  We looked and looked and prayed and prayed and it started seeming like we weren't going to find a place to live in time.  About a week and a half later a friend of mine told me about a house next to where Mr. G would be working.  We looked at it and loved it and after another few days we got word that the house was ours to rent if we wanted it.  We most definitely wanted it.  We also got word that Mr. G's new work would pay for movers to come pack us up and move us and unpack us at our new place.  We couldn't believe the blessings and miracles that we were seeing.  Everything was working out perfectly.  The only other thing we needed to work out was for our previous landlord to understand us getting out of our lease in order to move.  After talking to the landlord he decided that we would have to continue to pay rent for our previous house unless we found someone to rent it.  God worked again.  Just three days after we moved out someone else started renting our old place and we were free from having to pay that rent.  Praise God.  Things could not of turned out any better.  Doors were opened at just the right time and now we have Mr. G working a job where he is home by 4 or 5 every night.  We get to have family dinners together, he will get to see his kids play t-ball this summer, he is around so much more than we have ever had.  We are praying that we never take this blessing for granted.
So, luckily, we didn't have to do very much in the packing process.  We basically just organized things so that they could pack them up easier.  I knew that I hadn't gotten around to recycling my plastic bags lately....but when Mr. G pulled them all out I had no idea I had that many.  Poor guy was swimming in a sea of plastic bags for a while.  Luckily, we got them all wrangled and put away for recycling.

During that time I got my first dirty look from Little G.  I thought it was adorable so I snapped a pictured.  It won't be adorable in another 13 years but right now it is.
In fact, he was cracking me up.  I get a frown before I get a smile.  I can tell already he's gonna keep us on our toes.
Moving day finally came and Mr. G and I were both sick to our stomach.  Yes, we were excited and very pumped that we didn't have to move everything ourselves....but we'd never moved this way before and we had a bit of anxiety on whether or not we got everything done that we were supposed to.  Here's the kiddos looking out the window when the moving truck pulled up.
And after showing the guys around they quickly got to work packing everything.  We just kind of hung around and answered questions and cleaned while they did it.  It turned out to be an amazing process. 
There's Little G swinging while the guy gets things packed next to him.
Everybody got a lil concert from Sissy G during the packing.  Lots of Let It Go, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Bubby sang some too but he was too shy to do it very loud.
This cracked me up.  The drawer that Sissy has open in the picture is the drawer where we kept all of her pretend kitchen stuff.  At this point the movers already had packed up that drawer so when Sissy opened it up she was surprised to see that it was empty.  So what does Sissy do....??
She looks under the drawer to see if all her toys maybe had fallen under there.  Poor girl was so confused.
Bubby helped the movers by taking apart his play table.
While the movers took a quick lunch break we decided to play hide-n-go-seek with the kids.  Here is Sissy hiding behind the bookshelf.
Bubby is trying to stay hidden behind the boxes while Mr. G looks for him.
Now it's time for Mr. G to hide and the kids to count.  Bubby buried his head in his chair to count so Sissy G had to do the same.
Looks like they found daddy hiding behind the coffee table.
Then we headed out to the front porch to wait for the movers.  Any guesses on what is inside the box in front of Sissy G?
It was Bubby G, of course.
The boys got in a few cuddles while we waited.
Sissy wanted in on the cuddles too.
The house was completely packed up by the afternoon and we were on our way to our new home.  It was a fun, exciting, and adventurous day. 

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