Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sissy's First Haircut.....and her Second

I had a dream.... a dream that one day, when my daughter was much older and had very long hair, that we would decide to go ahead and get her hair TRIMMED for the first time.  This was my dream....however, apparently Bubby G had a different dream.  His dream was to learn how to become a barber at the age of 3.  So when my sweet, adorable, shoulder-length, blonde-haired toddler was just 21 months old.....she received her first haircut.
Now, please don't judge me for my initial reaction to walking into the living room and seeing blonde hair all over the floor.  Also, please do not judge Bubby G.  After I calmed down and talked to Bubby I realized that he was actually trying to do a good thing.  His reason for cutting his little sisters hair...."It was in her eyes."  Note: He cut the back of her hair and not the front...but I won't argue with him.
You can see more of the short hairs in this picture.  It could've definitely been much worse and I'm glad I walked in when I did.  That being said, I knew that I was going to have to give in and get Sissy G her second hair cut to fix the first one.  It was either that....
Or wear a hat till it all grows back out.
As you might know....this sweet little girl is hardly dainty.  It's true that she likes baby dolls, and purses, and lipstick....but not as much as she likes balls, the Hulk, and mud.
Just check out her mud-covered legs.
So when the day came for her hair appointment I was a bit nervous on how she would do.  She's not really in to getting her hair done.  I knew this was going to be an experience.  Here she is standing outside of the hair salon.  She has no idea what awaits her.
In the beginning we tried several different things to get her to sit still but it wasn't until another customer came over and showed Sissy some fun apps on her phone that distracted Sissy from the fact that she was having to sit still while this strange man played with her hair.
The phone was a life-saver and the hair stylist did an amazing job. 
The end result was perfect and absolutely adorable.
I tried to get her to stand still so I could take a good picture of her new hair cut but that wasn't happening.
Wind-blown look.
I tried again in the car and we got even more of a wind-blown look.
Finally...a front view of the finished product.  I was very please with how it turned out....but I'm still hoping she won't need another haircut for a very long time.
Why not finish this post with a few cute pictures of the boys. 
Just cuz I can.

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