Friday, October 4, 2013

Look, Mommy....A Mouse!!!

It was a typical day at our house with me and the kids outside playing.  I was taking a picture of Sissy G sitting in her swing smiling at her fish when I heard Bubby G say behind me,
"Look, Mommy, a mouse!"
I turn around to see my 2 year old holding a small mouse in his hand.  Obviously, I did not get a picture of this, but told him to drop the mouse and rushed him inside to wash his hands.
When we came back outside...
We saw Marley trying to catch the lil thing.  But once I got a closer look I realized it wasn't a mouse, but a....
Baby mole.
And Bubby G loved this mole.  In face, he named him Boy, and kept saying, "The mole loves me."
We ended up being outside a very long time just watching the baby mole walk around.
Bubby G tried to feed him leaves....
He poked him a few times with a stick...
And he even went in search of the baby mole's mommy.
Did I mention just how much he loved that mole.
Oh what an afternoon we had.

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