Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Learning About C and the Number 3

Homeschooling last week started with the national anthem.  This little guy doesn't know the words yet but he sure does love holding the flag and putting his hand on his heart.
We did some work on our memory verse.  I turned this scripture into a little song and it has helped us both remember it better.
Our Bible lesson this week was about Joseph and the coat of many colors.  Unfortunately, Bubby G did not like this story.  Once it got to the part where Joseph's brothers wanted to kill him Levi started crying and saying, "No me like this story."  So I decided to just focus on the pretty coat and forget about the rest of the story for now.  Bubby G does not like to see other people hurting.  He simply can't stand to watch it....and, personally, I think that's a good thing.
Working on the alphabet while he is eating breakfast.
Bubby G loved this activity.  I would say a letter and he would take a flies swatter and...
Smack the letter.  This is gonna have to be one of those "do-againers" because he loved it.
Working on his shapes puzzle...
And then cleaning up after himself.
This activity I just kind of made up spur of the moment.  Our letter this week is C so I drew a big letter C in the middle of the paper and then put circles on one side and squares on the other.  Bubby G then took his letter C stamp and got ink on it...
Then stamped it into each circle and each square.  He did a great job with it.  The part he struggled with the most was getting enough ink on his stamp.
Bubby G working with his screwdriver to fix his truck.
Sissy G has been doing a lot lately.  Here she is staring up at her favorite thing....
The ceiling fan.  If we got one of these going in the room then she is perfectly content.
Poor thing has been struggling to roll over.  She finally did it yesterday but here she is last week getting frustrated at the whole thing.
So...of course, Bubby G decided to help.
I don't think he realized just how heavy she was....
But he finally got her rolled over.  He is such a good big brother.
And she is a good lil sister.  She definitely puts up with a lot.
Sissy G can sit up but for only about 5 seconds so I am always quick to take the picture.  I think she uses her belly to prop herself up.
I took a picture of her lil feet in her pink ballerina socks.  She's even got her toe pointed....but she definitely doesn't have the legs for it just yet.  I think she's got the legs for maybe a basketball player instead of a ballerina....but we'll see.
Our letter this week is 3 so I saw a cute idea online that said to take either crayons or markers and...
Tape three of them together and let Bubby G color with it.  Bubby G did NOT like that idea at all.
So we went back to the one marker to color his number 3.
With more on the number three we colored these Popsicle sticks, 3 of each color.
Then I had Bubby G glue the sticks onto the paper making....
A triangle. We talked about how a triangle has three sides.
And he continued to glue the sticks on top of each other, making sure to match colors.
Next we did our clothespin number match.  I put an X on each note card that corresponded with the number written on there.  Then Bubby G had to clip a clothespin on each X.
He did numbers 1 and 2.  I did number 3 but I think he got the idea.
  We then went outside to look for crickets since they start with the letter C. He looked high...
And he looked low, and according to Bubby G he saw lots of crickets.
We learned the lesson not to spray your water bottle in your face.
"I could've told you that one, Bubby."
Silly boy.
Ole Marley enjoyed watching the kiddos play outside.
I've been getting lots of help with supper these days from my Bumbo queen and....
My messy toddler.  They definitely make dinner preparations interesting and fun.
How 'bout a quick smile from Mommy's little pumpkin.... Although I like to call her punkin.
I don't know what makes him think of these things...
But he's all the time got Mr. G and I laughing.
Bubby G learned how to take pictures of himself with my phone this week.
And Sissy G continued working toward rolling over.
And I'm sure your not surprised when I tell you that I got her rolling over for the first time yesterday on camera....but it's on a different camera, so I'll have to keep you waiting on those pictures.  Until then...

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