Monday, October 14, 2013

Punkin Patch 2013

It's punkin patch time.  I look forward to going to the punkin patch every year.  It's one of those fall traditions that you can't pass up and having two kiddos to bring along makes it a thousand times better.
First stop was the corn box where Bubby G made a friend.
We did lots of digging and playing in the corn but....
But it didn't take long and Bubby G was ready to head for the next thing. 
 Sissy G was hanging on to her daddy while we followed Bubby G all around the punkin patch.
We saw some baby chickens...
And a sleeping white bunny rabbit.
Bubby G also rode on a horse.
Then Bubby G found a wagon to pull around.  I think it was supposed to be used for hauling punkins but Bubby G just enjoyed pulling it behind him while we walked.
Then when he wasn't looking a lil girl hopped into his wagon hoping that he would take her for a ride.  To her disappointment she was too heavy so Bubby G moved on to his next thing....
The corn maze.
Silly boy.
Daddy and Sissy G brought up the rear.
It was actually a pretty confusing lil maze, but we were able to find our way out thanks to our lil guide.
Then Bubby G rode some bikes...
Played with the duck race...
Which was probably his favorite thing there.
Sissy enjoyed watching him play although the wind was kind of getting to her a bit.
Running to the next thing.
Trying to figure out the pedals.
Daddy ended up pushing him around the track.
It was such a beautiful day.
Climbing a fence.
He was wanting to head back to go see the....
Chickens again.
He wanted to hold them so bad.
Back to the wagon looking for a ride.
Bubby G and Sissy G's first wagon ride together.
Bubby G then wanted to get out and pull Sissy G himself.  I am still shocked that she is already sitting up and she's only 3 1/2 months.
Hang on for dear life, Sissy G.
Luckily she survived and she loved every minute of it.
Then they both wanted a ride.
We finally decided to head over to the punkin patch side of things.  Bubby G thought he needed to pull this wagon for punkins.  He saw everyone else pulling them around with punkins on them so he wanted to do it too.  Unfortunately we weren't going to be buying any punkins but Bubby G enjoyed pulling the wagon anyway.
Trying to pick up the first punkin he sees.
Now he's walking around looking for a baby punkin.
Trying to figure out a way to take pictures of a 3 month old at a punkin patch is kind of hard.
When she is sitting up on her own she likes to stare straight down at the ground.
Which makes it hard to get a picture of her pretty face.
We were gonna stand her up next to this punkin but Bubby G decided he wanted to be in the picture too so he jumped in and sat on the punkin.  Silly boy.
Then we headed over to where they had some fall decorations set up to get some more family pictures.  
We never could quite get them to be both looking at the camera.
But we tried.
I guess they are both kind of looking at us here.
Bubby G wanted to go back and play in the corn some more....
So we sat Sissy G up to take some more pictures.  She looks kinda mad in this picture.
But then her focused turned....
On her daddy....
And that made her smile.
That silly daddy.
She thinks he's about it.
Then we could tell she was starting to get a little tired.

Just sitting back...chillin'....enjoying the day.
She was a trooper putting up with her Mama taking so many pictures.
One last picture from the punkin patch and this is a picture that Bubby G wanted to take.  Hanging with his friends from Sesame Street.
After the punkin patch we came home and enjoyed a nice big pot of chili that I had made before we left.
Then we painted some punkins that Mozzie gave to us.
I painted Sissy G's hands and feet to make her punkin.
The feet turned out better than the hands but it still looks pretty neat.
Bubby G hard at work painting his punkin.  
Right now Bubby G has a pretty short attention span but I think he sat for 30 minutes working on his punkin.  He wanted to get it just right.
Taking a picture with his punkin.  
We had a wonderful family day together, and I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful lil family to do fun things with.  Couldn't be happier.

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