Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boo Boos, Boots, and Bunnies

How about starting the week off with a boo boo.  Bubby G bit a hole in his tongue, but he handled it like a champ.
Now on to our homeschooling....First project of the week was working with numbers.  Bubby G did his first dot to dot.
He worked very hard on it.
While Bubby G was working on his school work Sissy G was relaxing in her swing.
She loves her swing....
It has a mirror above it so she can look at herself.
Back to work.  Working on tracing the tactile number 3 with his finger.
Now Sissy G has moved on to her Exer Saucer.
Matching shapes
It may seem like I'm jumping around from project to project on here, but that is actually how we do homeschooling in our house.  We jump from one thing to another to keep Bubby G's attention.  Our Bible lesson this week was on Noah's ark so we decided to make a rainbow....
Out of Fruitloops.
I drew the lines with the particular colors so that Bubby G could practice matching his colors. 
He enjoyed eating his Fruitloops too.
He did a great job matching the Fruitloops to the correct color.
This is his "I did it" face.
Finished product.
Moving on to free play in his room.
Sissy G wanted to get in on the fun too.
She is so close to rolling over.  She actually rolled over the other day, but technically gravity might of helped.  She was laying on my bed and I was laying next to her.  I think my body weight weighing down my side of the bed might've helped a little.  But, hey, you gotta start somewhere.
The kids playing together.
Gotta love when my hubby puts things like this on the weekly calendar.  I thought I did this EVERYday.
To get us into the fall mood we made pumpkin sugar cookies.
Bubby G enjoyed helping me put the cookies on the cookie sheet.
Although he didn't quite understand the part about putting them 2 inches apart.
But that made it more fun.
The coolest part was the mask that came on the box....but he wouldn't let me get a picture of him wearing it.
"Sorry Sissy G... You are too little to eat cookies."
"You have GOT to be kidding me!"
Learning about Noah's ark and the rainbow gave us a lot of opportunity to work more on our colors.
We made this nifty rainbow color book for Bubby G to practice pointing out all the colors of the rainbow.  He particularly liked pointing to the colors using his stapler.
Our letter for the week was B.  Bubby G was working on his letter B book.
Working hard.
We also worked on recognizing the letters in his name and putting them in order.
The first time I helped a little....
But this is his own work the second time around.  He did a pretty good job.
Back to the letter B.... I drew two capital B's....
And let Bubby G color them.
Then cut them out....
And glue them to a piece of paper.
A little too much glue...
But gluing is his favorite part.
Final product is a B for Butterfly.
Working on his tactile letter B.
The fun part about being a stay at home mom is getting to see your children learning all the time.  We were driving along in the car on a gorgeous day when all of a sudden Bubby G yelled out, "A bunny!"  It took me a second to understand that he was talking about the clouds in the sky.  He saw a bunny in the clouds, and then a camel, and an octopus. 
He went on and on for a long time showing me all the animals he saw.  It was so much fun.  Trust me when I say this was a tricky picture to take while I was driving.
We started having a little fun with our alphabet poster.  It was rolled up and Bubby G was enjoying looking through it like a telescope....
So I did it too.  This was actually a really hard picture to take because the lil stinker kept running around.  I'm sure it would've been a sight to watch with me twirling around looking through this poster with my phone trying to find Bubby G while he ran around laughing.
Plus...the first time I forgot to turn the flash off.
Bubby G teaching Sissy G how to build a fence.
Going for a family walk.
Sissy G looked so cute in her daddy's arms.
I just HAD  to snap a couple pictures.
How bout some tummy time.
Just chillin'.
All spread out.
And finally for a great big smile.  Bummed it turned out blurry cuz it was super cute.
And last but not least....my little cowgirl.  This was her Sunday outfit sporting her new cowboy boots.  I sure do love this girl!!!

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