Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Week of Review

We didn't get as much done this last week in homeschooling for a couple of reasons.  One was that it was a review week and the other reason was because Bubby G started out the week sick.  At this point his fever was above 103....
And he was a bit delirious.  Needless to say, we didn't do much but lay around and cuddle for a couple of days.
He ended up just having a virus but we felt very blessed that this lil girl didn't get it.
This is Bubby G playing with daddy.  It's amazing how kids still want to play even though they are sicker than a dog.
Sissy G was enjoying her playmat while the boys played.
Working on his fence for the animals.
Once Bubby G was feeling better we got back to work.
We did an ABC hunt that I found at
We took our bowl of letters....
And we got out our roll paint.
Bubby G would pick out a letter from the bowl...
Then he would pick out the color paint that matched the letter that he picked.  In this case he picked a blue F...
So he would put a blue dot on all the Fs on the paper.  I had to help guide his hand a bit but he did most of it on his own.
Looking for red Ws.
He worked hard and really enjoyed it. 
This was the finished project.  He did about 8-10 letters then he got bored so the paper isn't all the way colored.  His attention span will get longer as he gets older but this is a project we will definitely do again.
We matched our pumpkins with the correct number again for a review.
Checking his temperature.  I think that is the funnest part about being sick.
Then we headed outside to play.  It was a little cool and breezy so we decked Sissy G out in her winter hat.
And she loved it.
Hammin' it up.
I love those colors on her.
Bubby G playing with his daddy.
A nice break in the day.  We always love when daddy surprises us by stopping by home.
Bubby G chasing the cat with one of daddy's workout bands.
But the cat was smart and left the backyard.
Which made Bubby G sad.
Sissy was concerned about Bubby G being we decided to get back to doing school.
The fun thing about doing school when you are two is that school is always fun.  Bubby G got his spray bottle and we filled it with blue water.  This is such a good activity for his finger strength which will help in his pencil grip as he learns how to write.

Spraying the sand....
Spraying the cat...
 Spraying the garden.
Sissy G is happy now that her Bubby G is happy. 
For our next craft we grabbed a plastic bag and went outside to gather some leaves.
We wanted the leaves that were soft and not crumbly.
And really we only needed about three leaves....but Bubby G was enjoying gathering leaves so much that I just let him keep going.
I eventually sat down and just let him do his thing.
Finally he came back with a bag full of leaves.
Then we started our craft.  We first would dip our leaf in paint....
Bubby G is dipping his in yellow paint.
Then we would press it onto some paper.  I decided to use two pieces of paper because our leaves were really big.
Now he's working on some orange.
He really enjoyed this project and it was good to learn about colors and seeing all the different leaves.
It turned out very colorful. 
Being silly.
We took a break to play trains.  I love watching him play because his imagination is growing and growing. 
He remembers what each building is and will say, "I need to go to the library to get books, then go to Kroger to get some bananas and poptarts."
Going for a run....
Followed by going for a ride.
We needed a nice big pumpkin for our next project.
We cut off the top.  Bubby G has never seen inside a pumpkin before so he was really intrigued.
I wonder if that was what he was expecting.  I liked the smell of it but I could not get him to stick his hand in there to help me clean out the seeds.  This boy loves messy stuff but this was apparently too messy for him.
Then we headed out to get some dirt from the garden.
Got a bucket full of dirt.
Then we headed back inside to fill our pumpkin full of dirt.  He started out just dropping hand fulls in but that was going to slow.
So I tried to help him dump the whole bucket in while taking a picture....
But we missed a little.
And it landed all over our seeds.  This is gonna make cleaning the seeds later a bit harder.
After we got the pumpkin full of dirt we then planted some the pumpkin seeds sprout.  We are not expecting a pumpkin....just something green to pop up.
I got the idea from and this is a picture from their site.  I hope ours turns out that good.
But if it doesn't Bubby G still had a good time.
 Then we washed the dirt off of our seeds.
Boiled them, baked them, and then ate them.  They actually turned out pretty good.
Sissy G getting a little tummy time checking out her toys.  They were both lighting up and singing to her.
Bubby G then started working on his ball handling
Sissy G wanted to sit up to watch.
She likes to keep an eye on her brother.
This is Sissy G's hamper.  It was actually my hamper when I was a little girl, then it was Bubby G's hamper, and now it is Sissy G's hamper.  But that's not the reason why I took a picture of it.
This is the reason.
This lil guy could squeeze in there with all the clothes and still shut the lid.
That silly Bubby.
Since we had talked about God making the animals the last few weeks we decided to make some binoculars so we can go outside looking for animals.
I glued the toilet paper rolls together but Bubby G used his sparkling paint to paint them.
The paint didn't really show up real good, but after I added the string we had our binoculars.
Bubby G loves to draw on cardboard whether its a box or just a piece of cardboard like this.  He can be occupied for 30 minutes just laying down drawing.
Some other things we did on this week of review was play with playdough...
And worked on our ABCs.  But the best part of the week was we got to go to lots of different places.  We went to the library, we went to Nana and Gampa's house...
Where Bubby G got to play trains with his cousin....they were both wearing their new Thomas the Train hat.
We also went to Salem Applefest. 
Where Bubby G got to ride a horse for the very first time.
Which he absolutely loved.
He also ate a cookie on a stick....
And played with some wooden tractors, trucks, and trains.  He wanted to take them all home.
And Sissy G sat in her stroller for the first time and enjoyed the ride.
Even though the week didn't turn out quite like I thought we still had a great time.  That's the beauty of molds to what you need it to be based on the events of your week.

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