Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Big Brother Marley

It's been three years ago now that I first saw Marley out in the middle of a busy road just wondering around.  After finding his owner and seeing him beaten and then thrown in a cage with no food and water I decided that I was gonna ask if I could take Marley home to be my dog.  The owner had no problem with that at all and the next day I brought Marley home.
His hair was long and ratted and he was covered in fleas and was just plain filthy.....but his eyes were as sweet as could be.  He seemed like a good dog but I had no idea just how good of a dog he would be.
He fit in with our family instantly....especially since he looked like Mickey's long lost brother.
From the beginning he has always enjoyed going on car rides but he has to sit between my back and the seat.  This is by far his favorite spot.
This picture was taken after he had just gotten fixed.  You can tell by his eyes that he doesn't feel good, but this lil boy still had to be right next to me.  I could already tell he was gonna be my baby.....and he was....until the real babies came along.  Then he took a lil bit of a back seat.  But I still love him just as much and he is still a big part of our family.  And what a blessed family we are to have him.....don't let Mr. G tell you any different.  How could we not love this dog. 
He has been great with Bubby G from the very beginning.
We would find him sleeping with Bubby G all the time.
ALL the time.
He even liked laying on Bubby G's clean pile of clothes.
There weren't many pictures taken where Marley wasn't somewhere in the background.
Or the foreground.
I wish I could say he was giving Bubby G a kiss here but I think he was actually just smelling his hair.
Talk about co-sleeping.
They played in the leaves together
And Marley even sat in on the photo of all my boys.
Cheering Bubby G on while he jumped in his Jumperoo.
Back to sleeping again.
Helping Bubby G with putting up the Christmas tree.
And scratching in the background on Christmas morning.
More sleeping.
Can you see Marley in this picture? 
Playing outside together....
Playing inside together.
And more sleeping....this time it involved Mickey too.
Marley also posed in a photo with his lil brother.
No....this isn't a picture of Marley....but it is a doggy door and it SHOULD be Marley in there....not Bubby G.
And as Bubby G has gotten older Bubby G doesn't sleep as much but Marley will still lay by him.
They enjoy car rides together.
And tug of war.
And going for walks. 
Actually I tricked you here....this one is Mickey....hard to tell them a part sometimes, though.
More car rides.
And still some sleeping.
And now that Sissy G is here he has a lil sister to sleep by.
And he enjoys that a lot.
Sometimes even all three of them get in on a picture.
Gotta love sibling love.
I think as long as Marley always has a buddy to sleep by he will be good.  He is such a good dog and we are so blessed that he is so good with the kids.  Bubby G loves him to pieces and I know Sissy G will be the same.  It's fun watching them all grow up together.

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