Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Love Taking Pictures

I love taking my kids' pictures and I do it as often as I can.  I often find myself in a picture taking coma taking dozens of pictures before I even realize it.  But you know that when your kids are this age you can't just take one picture....you must take dozens in order to get that one special picture of a great big smile.
So the other day when I was caught in the picture taking coma with Sissy G I was able to catch this sweet picture....and I must say it is one of my favorites of all time.  But along the way I ended up catching several other adorable expressions that I want to share with you, but instead of posting picture after picture I decided to smash them all into one....BIG....

Sissy G filled picture.
Let's add some more fun pictures of Sissy G....like this one with her sticking-straight-up-bed-head-hair-do.
One day she is going to hate having bedhead, but right now she loves it.
Sissy G also got to spend time with her buddy this last week and, of course, I had my camera out to take lots of pictures.  Isn't she a cutie?  I was blessed that my college roommate had a lil girl just 3 weeks after I did and after already having two play dates....
We can tell they are gonna be great friends.
They were even trying to hold hands.
Two of the cutest lil Cardinal fans I've ever seen.
And even though I know that I take way more pictures than I probably should of my lil ones....I always want to take more.  I think it's a part of me trying to keep their baby days alive forever.   


Lauren said...

Take those pictures, mama!! No shame in snapping away while she'll sit still :)) She is just beautiful and I have loved seeing her change so much already.

PS. So jealous (in a good way!) that you get to have playdates with K&B...

Francesca Slone said...

Aww, your kids look so cute! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images of them! Compiling their photos growing up can be a great way to show them how they progressed thru the years. For an added treat, you can have them converted into 3-D images which can be seen through a viewer for an extra nostalgic feel.

Francesca Slone @ Image 3D