Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lake and a Lil Exersaucer

 Bubby G got to enjoy a quick trip to Carlyle Lake with his Nana last night.  I tagged along to snap a few pictures.
 We went after supper and the sun was just starting to set.  It was a gorgeous night and to top it all off, we were the only one's on the beach.
When they first got in the water they said it was pretty cold and I wasn't too sure if Bubby G was gonna stay in.
But it got warmer the longer they were in there and he got brave enough to go deeper....
And deeper....
And deeper.

They were having a blast.
Then when we started walking along the shore and we came across this.  Don't worry....I'm pretty sure it's kid-made....not some kind of animal fossil.
Nana and Bubby G making footprints in the sand.
Uh-Oh....Where did Nana's toes go?
After they found Nana's toes they took off for a run.
And nobody fell down.
It started getting late so we decided to begin the clean up process and head toward home.
Apparently the water was freezing cold so the clean up process was not much fun for lil man.  Although he looks like he is screaming in the picture he is actually just keeping his mouth wide open the whole time. 
And even though it's a blurry picture it's still cute.  He's warmed up, happy, and headin' for the car.
It was a wonderful evening at the lake.  Kind of a nice way to say goodbye to summer.
In case you were wondering about this precious girl, her big thing lately has been her adventure with the exersaucer.
She looked like a pro in this thing from the get-go.
Giving her, "Hey, what's up" face while playing with the spinning monkeys.  She is growing up so stinkin' fast, but I'm loving watching every minute of it.

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