Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brown, Yellow, and Green

We just finished our second week of homeschooling and Bubby G is enjoying school more and more.  He is starting to realize how much fun it is.  The things we worked on this week were the number 1, the colors brown, yellow, and green, and days 4-7 of Creation.
Here Bubby G is using teddy grahams, which are brown, to practice counting.
He would try and put the teddy bear in the circle under each number and then we would practice counting the bears.
 But a lot of bears got eaten along the way.
While Bubby G worked on his math Sissy G worked on her hand eye coordination.....trying to grab hold of that pesky ole fish.
Another fun activity that we found this week was the water bottle.  Bubby G went every where outside spraying his water bottle.  I think I refilled that thing 4 times in a matter of an hour.
He would draw with his sidewalk chalk on the ground....
And then erase it by spraying it with water.
Sissy G enjoyed watching her big brother play....well....for a while anyway, then she conked out.
Bubby G moved on to try and clean the trailer.  I need to get him to clean the windows while he's at it.
One thing I learned this week is that if you aren't watching Bubby G while he is coloring with markers then he will end up eating the markers.  That's right....EATING!  I can understand something like play dough....but not markers.  And he didn't just eat ate 9 markers.  Needless to say we are going to take a break from markers for a while.
On this particular day we started off with some chores outside.  Gotta work 'em hard even when their young, right?
Actually, Bubby G wanted to sweep.  He enjoys sweeping just as much outside as he does inside.
And this time Sissy G stayed awake to watch.
This was our "Brown" day so we started off school by going around looking for toys that are brown.  Bubby G is showing me his brown cow.
We put all our brown toys into a box, but once Bubby G saw that all the brown toys were animals, then he wanted to make a fence for the brown animals.  That wasn't on the lesson plan, but it will work for me.
Building of the fence.
He did a pretty good job and I only helped a lil bit.
This boy absolutely loves building fences with his blocks.
And notice that since we are learning the color brown today that Bubby G is wearing his brown shirt and brown shorts.
It's brown day, Sissy G, not pink flowers day....
Oh well, I suppose its okay.  She looks cute in pink flowers.
Then we moved into the living room to do more school.

We ended up taking all of our brown animals and put them in a box filled with brown beans for Bubby G to play with.
Bubby G had fun with that.
And Sissy G enjoyed watching him.  She liked the sound that the beans made when Bubby G would move them around with his hands.  Oh wait....we forgot something....
That's better.  Sissy G needed her Cardinals hat.
The joys of having a big brother around.
Bubby G then wanted his tractor so he could plow the beans, but the tractor was a tad too big.
Way to think outside of the box, Bubby G.
Our next activity was going to involve our feet.  We had been talking about the days of Creation so we decided to make a butterfly since God made the birds of the air on the 5th day of Creation.
First we put the paint on his foot.  I decided to use our roll on paint bottles thinking it would make things easier.
then we pressed his foot onto the paper.
Unfortunately, I didn't put enough paint on his foot so we had to do it again.  At this point it started to get a bit more messy so I stopped taking pictures of the butterfly making process.
But it actually turned out pretty good and Bubby G enjoyed the feeling of paint on his feet which was a good thing because....
After going to the bathroom and getting a wash rag...
And scrubbing our feet...
And rinsing our feet....we realized that the paint was not coming off.
Bubby G just thought it was funny.  But I was a little frustrated.  I mean...when you are a parent and you buy your toddler washable paint you trust that the paint will actually be washable so you don't end up with.....

Stained feet.
It even says it right on the front of the box, but what I didn't read when I was buying these paints is....

The fine print on the back.  Apparently, as soon as the paint touches your skin you have to wash it off immediately because if you wait any longer you won't be getting this "washable" paint off.

 I'll get off my soap box now. After we spent some time drawing it was time PE.
First we laid Sissy G down for her nap and then we headed outside.
 We had a blast outside!!
PE wore Bubby G out so then it was time for his nap too.
Of course, he's gotta take time to play with the mobile he made the day before that went along with Day 4 of Creation when God made the stars, moon, and sun.
But finally he was sound asleep.....colored feet and all.
After our nap Bubby G worked more with the number one.  He took the coloring page of the number one that he colored the day before and used it like a playdough mat.
He would take the play dough and try to form it into the number one that is on the paper.  And notice the play dough he was using was brown to go with our color of the day.
Another activity we did that evening when Bubby G was begging to do more school was a brown teddy bear.  It was another messy craft but Bubby G loved it.  We put glue all over the bear and then put coffee grounds on top. 
The next day was yellow.  We did lots of things like play with yellow toys and lemons and yellow water in the sink, and we put our yellow toys in our box with some yellow popcorn.  It was a fun day.
And as you can guess....the next day was green.  Bubby G showing you the lime jello that we are about to make.
First we had to heat up the water....notice the silly boy on the right with a green shirt on, and his Thomas pajama pants and a plastic spoon over his eye.
Showing off the broccoli.  I am actually combining two different activities bear with me.
First we had to cut the bag open.  Looks like Bubby G has been hanging out with his Gampa and has learned that you have to stick your tongue out while you work.
Bubby G then had to count out 3 big pieces of broccoli and put it on the paper plate.
Bubby G was noticing that the water had started boiling.
Now it was time to pour in the green jello mix.
Bubby G liked watching the water change color.
Then we stirred the mixture, added a cup of cold water, then put it in the fridge to chill.
We then went ahead and did the broccoli activity which was pretty simple but again very messy so I put Bubby G's paint shirt on.
All Bubby G had to do was use the broccoli as his paint brush.
He enjoyed putting the broccoli in different color paints and then smashing it all over the paper.
One broccoli...
Two broccoli...
And here's the finished product.
At this point we were going over what God made on each day of Creation and Bubby G was showing me by closing his eyes what God probably looked like on the 7th day.
Moving on to some more math.
This time Bubby G had to try and put a green sticker in the circle and then count the stickers.  I didn't help him at all and I think he did a pretty good job.
There was a yellow craft that we didn't have time to do the day before so in hopes of not confusing Bubby G I squeezed it in to green day.  First, I needed Bubby G to count out 4 cotton balls.
I think he counted a few more than 4.
We painted four of the cotton balls and you can see them in the background, then I had Bubby G put glue in each of the four egg cartons.  Any guesses on what we are making?
Then we put the yellow cotton balls on top of the glue.  Can you tell what they are gonna be?
Baby chickens!
Bubby G absolutely fell in love with these!
This week of school was even more fun than last week.  I'm already looking forward to next week.  This homeschooling thing is the best!!!

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