Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sissy Swinging

The other day we put Sissy G in our outside swing for the very first time.
Bubby G really enjoyed pushing her.
I couldn't tell at first if she liked it....She was keeping a pretty straight face.
Looking a little bit happier....
There we go.  My happy girl!!
The next day when she was swinging...
Bubby G wasn't as excited to share.  He kept saying, "She's too baby to swing."  Crack me up.
I guess peeing under her while she is swinging is one way to get back at your little sister for stealing your swing.
It was finally Bubby G's turn.
I've never seen a kid love swinging as much as this one does. 
And Sissy G was just as content watching him swing.  When she gets a little older there will probably be some fights over this swing, but who knows....maybe they will surprise me and take turns without any bickering.  I can dream....can't I?

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