Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marley's First Snow

It is always exciting to see someone experience snow for the first time. I think it is just as fun to watch an animal experience snow when they have never seen it before. Now, I won't lie - Marley saw a bit of snow on Thanksgiving, but it was just a little and it was gone rather quickly. Even with that snow, though, he was intrigued. He wouldn't go to the bathroom for us outside because he wanted to eat the snow.

Well, this morning I woke up before my alarm and looked out the window to find a winter wonderland. I turned over and told Mr. G that there was snow on the ground and he said, "That's cool, honey." I found out later that he didn't remember that conversation happening so he has actually learned to pacify me in his sleep. Not a good thing.

Well, Marley and I got up and made breakfast. We sat in the living room watching the snow fall when I decided that I would call Mr. G to see if he would like to enjoy this beautiful morning with us. So I dialed his number and after about the 4th ring he picked up - "Yeah," he said.

"Wouldn't you rather sit in the living room with me and watching the snow fall while we listen to Christmas music than stay in bed and sleep?"

"I'll be right there," he told me in his morning voice.

Well he did mosey on in to the living room and we did enjoy the morning together. Then it was time for Mr. G to take Marley out to the bathroom and Mr. G was not happy about it. He spent 20 minutes trying to get around it, but I explained that Marley had to go out. So Mr. G bundled up and called for Marley.

Apparently, Mr. G did not want his picture taken while he was taking Marley out. Does he not realize that I must blog about such a big moment in Marley's life? Oh well....he can't run from me forever.

Now I got you! You might run through the house acting like you are dodging tacklers on a football field to get away from my camera - but it won't work buddy. I caught you!!!

Well, Marley looks ready to go - hope Mr. G is. It is coming down pretty hard out there and I hear the wind is just terrible.

Whoops - Marley took off and Mr. G wasn't ready and accidentally dropped the leash. So Mr. G had to go scrambling after the leash - it was quite a site.

At this point Marley is sniffing around trying to figure out what the brown things were that were still sticking out of the ground.

For some reason Marley kept holding his bottom funny while he was out there. I guess it was just cold.

The good news is that both Marley and Mr. G survived. And when it was all said in done Marley could sit and enjoy his biscuit on his favorite chair while he warmed up. What a life!!!

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