Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go Salukis

I am not sure what the criteria is to consider yourself a devoted Saluki fan. Since I lived everyday in the arena for four years straight I think I can be considered a devoted Saluki fan for many years to come despite the fact that I haven't been to a game in over a year. My excuses are the usual.....too busy, too tired, too far of a drive. But now we are on our way to C-dale to watch our beloved Saluki men's basketball team play the Bradly braves.
Mr. G was given two free tickets to the game and since he had to work we decided to give the tickets to my mom and dad. They wanted to take the lil girls along since they still remember coming to so many of my games years ago. Then at the last minute I decided to hitch a ride along planning on getting a ticket when I got there. I was really excited because I hadn't seen the new renovated arena or new football stadium. Plus I was just excited to see a good game.

One of the best parts of the trip was the car ride both there and back. My momma is just like one of the kids when she gets around her grandchildren. It is so cute. Three cheesin girls.
The first thing we did when we got to the arena was try and get the extra three tickets that we needed. Like I said, we already had two given to us, so we just needed to get two kids tickets and then one for me. After standing and waiting on the ticket guy for about 10 minutes we realized that we wouldn't able to sit together and it was going to cost us $39 dollars total for me and the two girls to get in. Dad turned to us and said, "How bad do you want to go to the game?" Quickly my mom said, "Not very bad. Let's go shopping."
So with that dad sold the two tickets we had for $20 which in his mind meant we saved around $60 by not going to the game and we headed off for the mall. Before we left the arena, though, we had to stop for a photo next to the Saluki dog statue. You will not find anybody who loves the Saluki dog more than these two lil girls. Plus it made for a cute picture.
Once we got to the mall we took the girls to Claire's and they each got to pick out a few things. Then we stopped by Old Navy and they just so happened to be painting faces for free.

Of course this lil one wanted a dog. Even though it wasn't one of the options she wanted a dog and the face painter gave it her best shot. I know you can't tell by the picture but this lil girl is actually happy about the green dog on her cheek.

This one wasn't wanting anything on her face so she opted for a rainbow on her hand.

They even got to color pictures while they waited. Good times. Maybe we didn't get to see the Saluki's play and maybe it will hurt my cause for being considered a devoted Saluki fan, but at least we saved $60 and had a blast doing it.

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