Friday, March 4, 2011

Back Rub Time

I have been doing all I can to interact with Baby G who is due in about 13 weeks. I will sing to him and talk to him but today I read where babies can feel it if you rub or scratch your tummy. I had always figured that there was no way Baby G could feel me rub my tummy since he was so well insulated, but I guess I was wrong. So today I tested it.

I started rubbing my belly non stop for about 10 minutes. Nothing too vigorous. Just a nice comfortable rub. I didn't have any signs that Baby G was feeling this rubbing so I stopped for a minute and the next thing I knew he started kicking me like crazy. Apparently he liked the rubbing and wanted me to keep going (at least that is what I assumed the kicking meant). I quickly resumed my belly rubbing and the kicking stop. I was amazed.

I continued rubbing to make Baby G happy when I all of sudden realized this huge ball had formed on my belly right where I had been rubbing. It was hard as a rock and I knew right away what it was. Baby G had positioned himself to where his back was pressed up against my belly so he could get a back rub. How funny is that? He is already just like his daddy who absolutely loves his back to be scratched.

So if you run into me somewhere around town and you noticed that my hand is rubbing my belly please understand that I am a crazy pregnant lady who believes that her baby is wanting a back rub.

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