Friday, March 30, 2012

Day at the Farm

There is not much better than being a little boy and going out on a farm to play especially if it is at your great-grandma and grandpa's house.
 First we played inside for a little bit then we went outside on Papa's.....
 Big red tractor.
 Baby G did pretty good for about a minute...
 but then he was ready to hop off and give his cousin a turn.
 And boy did my nephew love it.

 I think Papa did too.
 Just two boys having a hay day.
 And Baby G was perfectly content down on the ground getting his feet muddy by the tractor tires.

Then we gave it one last try for a group picture before we headed to the....

 Slide!!!!  I think the dirt on the slide actually made the boys slide down faster which they thought was hilarious.
 Baby G was just sitting enjoying the fresh air watching his cousin slide down the slide before he tried it himself.
 And he even stuck the landing.
 I think this was my nephews 40th time going down the slide.  He loved it.
 I am not sure what this contraption is called on the swing set but my nephew loved it too, Baby G.... not so much.
 Oh boy!!!
 Meanwhile, Baby G decided to try and climb UP the slide.  He made it farther then I thought he would.
 Look at those cute little muddy feet.  Absolutely precious.
 A little bit later Papa pulled out his old red wagon for the boys to ride on.  Here my nephew is helping Papa clean it off.
 Baby G tried it first...
 Then my nephew hopped on too.
 They weren't going real fast by Baby G had a death grip on the front of the wagon.
Then my nephew went by himself a little faster.
We finished the day by having a nice fresh from the garden lunch that my grandma prepared.  There is not much better than a day at the farm.

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