Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family Night

Yesterday evening was an amazing night mainly because Mr. G got off work at 5 and we were able to have a family night at home.  This usually only happens on the weekends so we were really excited.  I had made a crock pot lasagna and then we had bread sticks, cottage cheese, and green beans to go with it.  After dinner we all went for a walk....including Marley.  However, it was a very slow walk because every few steps Baby G kept trying to stand up in his stroller..  Finally we made it back home and then we decided to all go in the backyard to pick up gumballs.  Well, actually Mr. G picked up gumballs and I just took cute pictures of Baby G.
 From the get go I gave Baby G a stick and he never put it down.
 He loved poking the ground with it and....
 Eating it.
We thought it was a good time to put the pacifier in.
 Uh Oh. He's got that ornery look.``
Baby G even tried crawling with the stick.  He made sure his knees didn't touch while he crawled and no matter what, he never let go of that stick.
 He loved passing the stick back and forth from each hand.

On the way back into the house to give Baby G a bath to get all the chiggers off of him I noticed a weird figure sitting on top of our outdoor thermometer.  Any guesses on what it is?

Strange place for a toad to rest, don't ya think?  My question is how did he get up there.

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