Friday, May 3, 2013

Hunting & Sliding

Going hunting....Hunting for what, you ask.....
It is something that lives in the ground....
Yep... we went hunting for worms.
The boys loved digging in the dirt.
And loved putting dirt in their buckets.
But neither one of them would actually touch a worm.  They liked watching them wiggle in the dirt or they would enjoy watching me pick them up but even though I tried and I tried....they just would not touch a worm.  My nephew was scared that it would bite him and Bubby G kept saying that the worm was a snake.
My nephew's bucket was filled with worms which he loved as long as they didn't come close to him.

They crack me up.

 At first in the video my nephew thinks that Bubby G put a worm in his bucket when actually it was just some dirt.  Then we got to looking at about 3 worms that were wiggling around in the dirt.  There were no worms killed in the making of this video...even though they probably were hurt when Bubby G decided to stomp on them.
After we went hunting for worms then we went over to our neighbors house to play.
They have a huge play structure for the boys to climb on and slide and swing and play with rocks and so much more.

Bubby G took off down the slide head first...

But as soon as he started my nephew threw rocks in his face...
Luckily, Baby G thought it was hilarious.
Take 1 of trying to get a good picture of the boys going up the ladders.
Take 2....What are you doing Bubby G?
Take 3.... Oh brother.
Take 4...This one is cute of my nephew, but Bubby G was still just hanging around.
Take 5:  This would be cute but you can't see half of my nephews face.
Take 6:  Now this is a classic.

Take 7:  Well....after 7 tries I'm gonna give up....we gave it a good try.  It is just too hard to sit still and smile while you're on a ladder.
More sliding...
And more silliness.
Then our neighbors let out their dog, Maggie...and Bubby G spots it.
Bubby G is off....
Run, Maggie, Run!!!!
During this time my nephew is up looking through the binoculars for airplanes in the sky.  He kept asking the airplane to say 'Cheese.'
Silly boy!!!
It was another fun day spent outside with two of the sweetest boys in the whole world.  Every day with them is a blast!!!

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