Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Planting the Garden

 Perfect day to head out to the garden  with Gampa to plant some tomato plants, peppers, and cucumbers. 
 Lucky for Bubby G, he has his new Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck garden tools to help with the job.
Gampa is getting the tiller ready and Bubby G is doing a quick check for any worms.
Anything Daddy does Bubby G wants to do too.
 Bubby G being silly.  We asked him to count the plants....I think he miss counted by a few.
 He sure does love his garden tools.
 The first worm of the day, and surprisingly Bubby G wanted to hold it.
 And then we had to look for more.
 He looked for worms for a while then he decided....
 That the grass needed mowed.  He pushed his lil lawn mower up and down the yard just like daddy can barely see the lil man at the far end of the yard.
 Now its time to put the plants in the dirt.  Bubby G was watching closely.
 Watching daddy pour in the extra soil. 
 Now he's helping Gampa fill in the holes with dirt.
 Working hard.
 Enjoying the fact that he's getting messy in the process.
 "Do it like this, Gampa!!"
These tomato plants sure are getting lots of care.
 "Don't these people know that its the dog who's supposed to be digging in the dirt?"
 My three guys!!  Love it!!!
You know what they say.... After you plant a garden you always need to stand back and admire your hard work.... It makes the plants grow faster.
 Bubby G showing us the worm he found.
 Apparently, Bubby G didn't think the tiller was dirty enough so he was adding some more dirt.
 Silly boy....I asked him to give Mama a smile and this is what I get.
 Now that's more like it.  This boy can't wait for the tomatoes to get here.

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