Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playing In The Creek

The kids said they wanted to play in the creek.  None of us objected knowing it would be fun to get their feet wet and muddy.....we had no idea what we were getting into.
Classic picture...and not too wet yet.
They were having a blast!!
They climbed up and down over and over again. 
Bubby G and his big cousin were nothing but smiles.
That water had to be cold but it didn't seem to phase anybody.
The two boys stopping to smile for a picture.  I wish I could've gotten a closer shot but I was afraid with my huge belly I'd end up falling in the water too if I tried to get any closer.
Bubby G following his cousin.
All of 'em in a line.
"I messy, Mama....I messy."
The kids kept getting deeper and deeper.... Oh to be a kid again.
Well....at least his head is dry.
Nevermind.... He just had to dunk his head.
Silly boy.
Here's the boys after the creek chaos.  Wet and cold and ready for a nice warm bath at Nana and Gampa's. 

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