Monday, June 10, 2013

Mickey Mouse For My Birthday!!!

On Thursday...the day before Bubby G's birthday we went out got some Mickey Mouse plates, and cups, and napkins for his party....and we also got a balloon.  After being initially scared of the life-size Mickey...Bubby G ended up loving him.  The hardest part was keeping Bubby G from body slamming Mickey so that Mickey would make it until his birthday party 2 days later.
On Bubby G's actual birthday we loaded up early and headed over to St. Louis to Grant's Farm to meet up with Mr. G's sister and her family.  Bubby G was so excited about going to a farm but then when we get there and get on the tram he looks as if he could care less.

My nephew kind of looked the same way at first...

But then they saw their first animal off in the distance and everything changed after that.
Once we got into the actual farm the first animals we stopped to see were the goats. 
I found an empty bottle of milk lying on the ground and let Bubby G feed it to the goat.  We decided that when the crowd died down a bit we would come back to the goats and feed them a bottle. 
The boys checking out the kangaroos.

And a camel
Then the llama's. 
And here the boys are looking at the pink flamingos....they were having so much fun.

This was the biggest elephant I'd ever seen in person.  We found out later that he weighs 16,000lbs.
Bubby G enjoyed the view better from his daddy's shoulders.
Then it was my nephews turn to check out the view....
While Bubby G's aunt held him.

Silly boys.

Talk about some huge turtles

Carousel time!! 
Even though it was only in the mid-70s the farm had this cooling off area.
Bubby G really wanted to walk through it but he wanted his daddy to go too.
He absolutely loved it.
This was everyone's least favorite animal to see.  And this yellow snake was just laying out in the grass with a worker standing near.... it was a bit unsettling.
We liked the parrot a lot better.  You wouldn't believe it but the parrots name was Indigo.
After lunch we walked around to see some old carriages and cars and even some horses.  This was Bubby G giving me a big cheesy grin.
Then it was time for the elephant show.
But by this time we had 2 very sleepy boys.
Our last stop was to go back to the goats and let the boys feed them a bottle.
Bubby G was in goat heaven. 

We realized pretty quick that we had decided to wait too long to feed the goats because they were mostly all full.  But that wasn't gonna stop Bubby G from trying.
Looks like his cousin found a couple hungry ones.
But the goats would only drink a little bit then be Bubby G would go off looking for more hungry goats.
There we go!!  But again he only drank a little bit...
So then Bubby G thought maybe one of these goats would like a drink....but they weren't interested.
He did a good job of holding the bottle up high so the goats could get the milk.
Then he made a friend but it concerned the boys that the goat was eating this man's shoe laces.  It didn't seem to both the man though.
Okay...last picture of Bubby G feeding the goats....I promise.  It was amazing though watching him with the animals.  People were even making comments on how good he was with them and how loving.  We need to get this boy some goats.
Then it was time to see the Clydesdale's.
Boy were they BIG.
Both boys were so tired by this point so we were having trouble getting them to look our way and smile.
Just too tired.
We checked out a few more horses.
Played in the rocks.
And had one last lil burst of energy before calling it a day.  Bubby G was sound asleep in the car before we even left the farm.  Talk about a fun day.
Then when we got home it was time for Bubby G to open his birthday presents.
Bubby G showing off his new tennis racket.
And a new batting tee.
And you can't play baseball without the balls.
What else we got?...
Looks like dinosaurs and a new hat.
Plus a new Mickey Mouse DVD.

And then this was the biggie...A new Mickey Mouse RV with figurines.
We also picked up his cake but it was really frustrating to Bubby G that he couldn't eat it.  We had to wait until his party the next day.
And this was Bubby G's individual cake.  If you ever have watched Mickey Mouse then you know who this lil guy is.....'Oh Tootles!'

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