Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bubby G's First Cardinals Game

Walking to Busch Stadium for the very first time.
Bubby G could hardly hold his excitement when we got inside....and all we'd done at this point was order food.
But that Mac'n Cheese was really good.
Cheesy lips and a concentrated face.
After we ate supper we decided to walk down towards the field to look for some players.
 But Bubby G got scared being down that close....
So we headed back to our seats.
Looks like Bubby G found a seat just for him.
Ornery smile.... And this is the way Bubby G wanted his hat.
Chowin' down on some fruit snacks....if you'll notice...the game hasn't even started yet.
Might as well share Gampa's nachos too.  Food was the best part of this outing until....
Bubby G saw Fredbird for the first time.  He was so excited.
This is Bubby G's reaction the second time he saw Fredbird.
Then we spent a lot of our time looking for Fredbird after that.
And looking.....don't they realize they need to keep Fredbird out on the field at all times.
A super cute picture of my folks.  They had a great time..... And this was definitely NOT their first trip to Busch Stadium.
We tried to get a family picture too but Bubby G was too focused on finding Fredbird.
Looks like Sissy G found her way into this picture.
Finally it was National Anthem time.
Now might be a good time to tell you that after having two months of fingers in the mouth, lots of sores on his hands from chewing, and some un-Bubby G-like behavior we decided to....
Give the pacifier back.  And it has made a world of difference.  I'm talking a totally different kid.
Gampa and Bubby G were trying to find Fredbird.  I don't think my dad has ever sat at a Cardinal baseball game and spent so much time looking for that bird before in his life.
Tellin' Gampa to find Fredbird for him.
Now where can he be??
There he is.... The perfect size Fredbird for Bubby G.
Showin' Mama his new Fredbird....wish he would've showed me his cute smile too.
But he was one happy boy.  We saw Fredbird a little bit later and Bubby G was too scared to get anywhere near the real deal.  But you wouldn't know it by how much he talks about him.  It's the same deal as Santa Claus.... He loves him to pieces but WILL NOT be sitting on his lap.
After a walk all the way around the ball park Nana, Bubby G, and I finally found him some cookies and milk which made for an even better night.
This is Bubby G's "Pleeeease" face.  I can't remember what he was asking Nana for but after giving this look I'm pretty sure she got it for him.
At about the 5th inning Bubby G cuddled up with me and his Fredbird to watch the end of the game.  And he actually fell asleep.  He's usually not the type to fall asleep in loud places so he must've been exhausted. 
I would finish the blog there but Mr. G would be very disappointed if I didn't tell you the story on how he saved our lives.
We were planning on leaving the game after the 7th inning...we were up 7-1 and Bubby G had been asleep for a while so we figured that would be a good time to hit the road.  We knew that we were sitting in seats that could potentially get a foul ball but we were about to leave so we figured we were in the clear despite the fact that my mom is a magnet for foul balls.  But the first batter up in the bottom of the seventh hit a line drive right at us.  I thought surely it would curve and just come close to us....but came right at where I was sitting with Bubby G asleep in my arms.  Nana and I tried to shield Bubby G while my dad and Mr. G both jumped up to protect us.  Mr. G, feeling the overpowering protectiveness for his family kick in, was able to slap the ball away and keep it from hitting us.  He's our hero....and because of how hard the ball was hit he was lucky he didn't break his hand....but he is definitely our hero.  Let's just say it got his heart a pumpin' and he had no trouble staying awake for the drive home.  We had told him before the game that my mom was a foul ball magnet....let's just say he believes us now.
It was a wonderful, couldn't have been better, first trip to the Cardinal's game for Bubby G.....the first of what I'm sure will be many.

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