Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Party Time

Bubby G was so patient...well...sort waiting for his birthday parties to arrive.  He had a wonderful day at Grants Farm on his birthday and then enjoyed opening his presents that night... but he seems to think that a birthday means cake....and honestly, I gotta agree with him.
On the night of his first birthday party we met up with some family and friends at Tommy T's in Mt. Vernon because pizza is one of Bubby G's favorite foods.  Here is Bubby G with his cousin and Grandma and Papa at the restaurant.  We couldn't get the boys to stop eating and say cheese.
Now my nephew's smiling but Bubby G is in search of more pizza...
And he found it.
After pizza and after we probably drove everybody crazy at the restaurant with so many toddler boys running around we came back to our house for cake and ice cream and presents.  One present that Bubby G got was this water table from his aunt and uncle. 
You don't even need water and it's still fun.
 Anybody wondering how Mickey Mouse is doing?....
 He's definitely thinner but despite being dragged by his foot...
And ridden on like a horse...he was actually still standing by the end of the night.
Now this is what Bubby G had been looking forward to for months....his birthday cake.  I don't know how many times he told us that he wanted Mickey Mouse on his birthday cake.  He is one happy boy.
And he blew out all 2 candles!!!  Way to go, Bubby!!!!
I sure am crazy about this boy!!!
Then we let Bubby G dig into his own lil birthday cake.
His cousin looks pretty interested in some cake, too.
Mickey Mouse must've been feeling a lil left out.
After cake he went back to playing.
And then it was time to open presents.
He got a little help....
Maybe a lot of help from his cousins.
It was cute watching them all open presents though.
  They definitely knew what they were doing.
And they worked well together.
After presents we all took a walk down to see the horses.
And those horses were a hit!!!
Another picture with the grandparents and the sun setting in the background.
Then it was time to play!!!
And run.  Bubby G requested a race and before it was all said and done...
Everybody was running.
And when everybody else had tired out Bubby G was still going dragging his Papa behind him.
It was a very fun evening and Bubby G enjoyed every minute of it.  
 The next day we headed over to Nana and Gampa's for a small birthday meal and to finish off the cake.
Unfortunately, after taking this picture Bubby G stood up on his chair and ended up falling backwards.  He was okay, thank God, and only cried for a minute but was tough enough to get back up on the chair and.....
Blow out his candle.
It was a fun afternoon spent eating good food and playing with new toys....all of which resulted in....
A good nap.

Happy Birthday again, my sweet Bubby G.  Your daddy and I could not be more proud of you and love spending everyday with you.  You make our lives so much sweeter and we feel very blessed to have you for a son.  We love you!!!

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