Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gingerbread House & The Polar Express

 Something about evenings in your house with all the lights off except the Christmas tree.  It just makes you feel good.
 Reading the directions before we get started on making the gingerbread house.  It cracks me up that this lil guy loves to pretend to read the instructions.  I wonder if he will be that way when he is older.
 Lil girl was walking around with her baby while we got to work on the gingerbread house.
 How sweet is this?!?!
 Pouring out the candy for the gingerbread house.
 Doing a great job icing the roof.
 Applying the candy.
 The best part of this gingerbread house was that the house was pre-assembled so I didn't have to worry about that part.
 And this sweet girl was our candy catcher.  Whenever a piece of candy would fall on the floor she would chase it down and get it back to us.
 And then she even helped put some of the candy on herself.  Big girl.
 Decorating our Christmas tree.
 This lil guy was loving every minute of this.  I can't tell you how many times he would say, "I love you, Mama." or "Thanks for doing this with me."  But honestly, I enjoyed it just as much as he did. 
 After a while Sissy got bored and headed into the playroom to watch some tv.  She couldn't sit much closer.
 Finished product.  He was nervous about holding it because he didn't want it to fall.
 He was very proud of his gingerbread house.
 I was able to get lots of smiles.
 One last one. 
 And a big hug from Sissy to finish it off.
 Random picture of silly Sissy.
 All ready for church with her big girl purse in hand.
 Helping Gampa at church.
 Playing on the Ipad with Nana.
 Last night we got to take part in a pizza party/Polar Express party. 
 The kids got to dress up in their jammies...
 They enjoyed coloring all the Christmas pictures.
 There's Grandma and my nephew making a Christmas ornament together.
 A cute picture of the two of them in front of the Christmas tree.
 Our lil Doc McStuffins.
 We got our workout in because Sissy was all over the place.  Daddy had just grabbed her from running down the school hallway.
 Bubby enjoyed running around and chasing his cousin.
 We finally sat down and started watching the Polar Express.
 All the kids sitting with  Papa watching the movie.  They were so excited.
 After a bit Sissy felt like she needed a closer seat.
Here was the whole gang of kids that were there.  It was a fun evening and lots of memories were made.  Gotta love December and all the wonderful Christmas festivities that it entails.  Each year it gets more and more fun because the kiddos are getting older and are more excited about everything. 

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