Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Putting Up the Christmas Tree and Bacterial Conjuntivitis

Three days ago this lil girl woke up happy but....
As you can see....one eye was matted almost completely shut.  It seriously broke my heart to see it....but it only got worse from there.
Lots of bright green gunk started to form and I knew that we needed to get her into the doctor.  Of course, this happened over the weekend so this meant we were headed to the walk-in clinic.
The kiddos having fun in the doctors office waiting for the doctor. 
They both kept wanting to sit and take pictures.
I'm glad they were having fun with it.  It's always an adventure getting out to do these types of things with two young kiddos and a huge pregnant belly....but they were good sports.
The doctor walked in and took one look at her eye and said, "Yep...that's the real deal there.  She has bacterial conjunctivitis."  He then started handing out hand sanitizer and explained that we were all probably gonna get it and that it is very contagious. 
We had issues with the insurance paying for her medicine so we couldn't get her on her antibiotic until the next day and her eye definitely got worse in the mean time.  It was breaking my heart.
And then she woke up in the morning with both eyes infected.  But praise God....we were able to get her on strong antibiotics and she is now doing much better.
That was Sunday and because we were all contagious we didn't get to go to church but we spent the time together at home and getting our house ready for Christmas.
The kids were very excited to bring out all the Christmas décor.
(Notice the hand sanitizer bottle in the background....we were using a bunch of it)
Bubby loved the snow globe...
But I was a bit nervous with him playing with it....many a snow globe has been dropped and busted at the hands of this lil guy.
Lil girl was dressed in her Santa clothes for the decorating but she honestly wasn't feeling real good.
Bubby was so excited about putting up the tree.  See for yourself in the following video.

Excited About Putting Up The Tree Video

Bubby helping his Daddy.
Sissy wasn't sure what to think of it at first.
Tree is up....now its time for the lights.
Unfortunately....like most years...we plugged in our lights for our tree and only half of them worked.  Daddy said he would go buy some more real quick and asked Bubby to throw the old lights in the trash.  This broke Bubby's heart.  He held those lights and just bawled.  We were able to convince him later that the new lights we bought were the old ones and I don't think he ever noticed that we threw the old ones away away.  It was a very traumatic experience for awhile.
Bubby watching Mickey Mouse's Christmas on TV while we waited for dad.
Sissy was having fun showing me her belly button.
It was finally time to start putting on the ornaments.
Sissy would take an ornament and just put it inside the tree somewhere but she had a lot of fun with it.
Very proud of herself.
Bubby showing me his ornament from last year that had his picture in it.
It was precious watching these two decorate the tree.
My big girl.
The tree is almost complete.
Bubby is one of those people that wants to put every last ornament on the tree....He was loving it.
One more of a cheesin' lil girl next to the tree.
A tree isn't complete without the star on top.
It took a few tries but we finally got the star on top.  This was by far Bubby's favorite part.
She was happy to watch from her chair.
A picture of Bubby next to the finished tree.  He was so proud of it and he kept saying how happy Santa is gonna be when he sees his tree.
The only thing that would've made the day better was if this lil girl was feeling better.  You can just tell that she didn't feel good and those poor eyes looked awful.  We are praying that the holiday season will come and go and we will be healthy through it all.
Thankful for my amazing family and these wonderful memories that we are making together.  God is so good.

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