Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had Thanksgiving early this year on my side of the family because my brother from Kansas was in town.  One thing I'm positive about is that on the top of everybody's most-thankful list was having Mom feeling so well.
We were also excited to have my brother and his family there.  We don't get to see them as much as we would like so each time we are together we cherish every moment.
I couldn't believe how big my nephew has gotten.  Isn't that grin adorable?!?!
Nothing better than seeing two lil cousins playing together. 
 Nana and Gampa getting to enjoy time with their youngest grandson.
 More time together playing on Gampa's phone.
 Hard to get a great picture of both kiddos looking at me and smiling but they still made the picture cute.
 Then we tried to get all the kiddos together to take a group grandchildren picture.  Gotta love the festive Santa hats.
 This lil girl was cracking up at whoever was behind me make faces. 
 Uh.....Apparently we have a Mr. Serious.
 Love these two goofballs.
 Group photo with Nana and Gampa too.
 Can't waste a good photo opportunity.  We threw my Grandma and Grandpa in there too and even added a couple Santa hats for fun.
 And a family picture of my oldest brother and his family.  I remember the days of going to holiday gatherings with family and getting the family pictures done.  It's just tradition and fun to look back on.
 More of Mr. Serious.
 Another special part of this Thanksgiving was celebrating my mom's 59th birthday.
Pretend candles but Mama still gave it all she had to blow them out.  Wishing you many many more years ahead sweet Mama.
 Jump ahead to Thanksgiving Day.  Still in our jammies and enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
 These kids were glued in.
 We had made out a list of all the characters we thought we might see this year in the parade.  We were gonna mark them off as they came.  Bubby was super duper excited about it.
 Chilling with daddy.
 One of Bubby's favorites was the Red Power Ranger.  He couldn't wait to show me.
 The announcers for the parade were doing a bit too much talking for Bubby's liking and so he decided to come in with me and help make the pecan pie.  Rolling out our homemade dough.
 He kept saying, "We need more dust"....meaning flour.  Apparently all the "dust" ended up on Bubby's clothes. 
 And on the floor.  It looked like snow....
 Speaking of snow....We were enjoying ourselves a lil bit of a white Thanksgiving outside.  It was beautiful.
 We finished the crust and poured in the filling.
 I tried to get Bubby to smile next to the pecan pie before I stuck it in the oven but he had made up his mind that he was not gonna smile.
 That is until I made a few goofy faces at him.  Ornery boy.
After the parade and making our pie we got ready and headed to my hubby's side of the family for our big Thanksgiving meal.
 But not before taking a few pictures of the kiddos in their Thanksgiving outfits.
 Bubby and his favorite dog in the whole world.
 Pretty Sissy G.
Love these two kiddos to pieces....
 Forget the meal....Sissy's favorite part of Thanksgiving was playing with the balloons.
You would hand her the balloons and a second later she was letting them go....
 Just to watch them float to the ceiling.  I'm pretty sure we did this a hundred zillion times and it never got old.
 Bubby parked himself for most of the time in his cousins playroom playing with his batman figurine....
And trains.  He was having a blast.
 Sissy also got to take her first ride on a treadmill.  A lil pre-Thanksgiving workout.  Watch the video below.
 Video of Sissy on a Treadmill
 And then we got the whole gang up there. 
 Incase anybody was wondering what to get there kids for Christmas....maybe consider a treadmill.  It was definitely a hit for these kiddos.
 Then Sissy started following another lil girl up the stairs...
Big girl can handle the stairs all by herself but this Mama likes to stay close by just in case.
 Sissy making friends.
 The big kids enjoying a balloon fight.
 The boys hiding in a cubby from Papa. can't leave a family get together without some group photos.
 Getting them all to look was impossible...
 But you just keep snapping pictures hoping for a good one.
 Stole this precious one out of the deal.  Love how they are holding hands.  Love Love Love
 Oh Bubby...just a tad too much enthusiasm....but it's still adorable.
 Getting a picture with Grandma.
 After Thanksgiving we all came home and enjoyed a nap.  Bubby woke up happy....
 And apparently Sissy had slept REALLY hard....she had some crazy hair going on.
 To finish out our Thanksgiving day the kiddos enjoyed playing fetch with Marley.  They were cracking up at listening to Marley growl and playing tug-a-war with them.
 They couldn't get enough.
Marley sitting patiently waiting for the ball to be thrown.  Gotta love it.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with many blessings.  Thank you, God, for each and every one. 

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