Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tea Parties, Library, Motorcycle Ride and More...

 Found a couple adorable nightgowns at Kohls on sale.  Something about a lil girl in a nightgown...
 Any bets that she fell asleep drinking her cup.
 Absolutely loves brushing her teeth.  She looks so grown up here.
 Sissy thought it would be nice to sit on Marley's lap.... I'm not sure how much Marley enjoyed this bonding experience.
 Poor dog.
Anybody up for a lil tea party?  Bubby is such a good big brother for doing this with her.
 This is how we sip tea in the G household.
 Pouring herself a second cup.
 Bubby trying to pour her a third cup.
 We went to the library last week and the kids had a blast.  Bubby spent most of his time playing with the train table and the lego table.  His imagination was going strong and it was fun to listen to him while he played.
 Sissy however was everywhere.  Picking out a book....not to read....just to move to take out of the bookshelf so that Mama would have to get up and put it back.
 Playing Legos. (actually she would take a small piece from the Legos and then go and try to hide it somewhere....she thought it was the best lil game.)
 Oh...the librarian just loved it when she would run around squealing between the rows of books.  I chose not to even look in the direction of the librarian while Sissy would do this cuz I was scared of seeing the look on the librarians face.
 Stopping to play for a bit.
 Luckily no matter where Sis went I was still able to keep my eye on Big can kind of see him through the book shelves if you look really close.
 Of course, she loved the stairs.
 This only lasted all of a second and a half.
 Building with Bubby.
 Back up the stairs to peek out the window.
 Not quite tall enough.
 Back down the stairs.
 Now to climb on the furniture.
The library sign said the library closed at 5 but the librarian that was up there with us came up and said that she was sorry....the top floor was closing early that day.  I'm sure it closing early had nothing to do with my energy filled daughter.  Surely not.
 After church on Sunday we enjoyed a family lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I'm craving spicy food with this pregnancy similar to how I did with Bubby.  Bring on the jalapenos.
 At the restaurant Bubby got to have his first motorcycle ride.  You know me....I caught it all on video.
Bubby's First Motorcycle Ride Video
 After lunch we walked over to PetSmart....Possibly the kids' favorite store.  They love seeing all the animals.
 This was the cat adoption center.
 Bubby pointing to the cat he wants.
 These kids were in heaven.
 Sunday night and Monday morning we enjoyed our first snow.  After Sissy's nap we went outside on our front porch and watched the snow falling.
 Bubby wanting to sit up on the table to watch the snow fall.
 My lil goofball.
 When daddy got home from work we brought the basketball goal inside for the kids to play with.
 Sissy's first time shooting she was a lil confused on how to get the ball in the basket when the goal was so high.
 Smart girl.... If you just pull the basket down a lil then you can fit the ball in.
 Didn't quite turn out the way she thought it would.  Poor girl.
 Both kids enjoying the basketball goal. 
 After shooting hoops they cuddled up to watch a lil TV.  Love precious moments like this.
 That evening I went out and took a picture of our house covered in snow.
 Our street looked like a winter wonderland.
 Gotta love all these random pictures.  Sissy and daddy watching a video on daddy's phone.
 Now it's time to dance with daddy.
 Daddy sure knows how to dance.  I can totally imagine what their Father/Daughter dance will be like at this lil girls wedding someday..... Scratch that... Let's not even think about that.
 Goofy boy jumping on the couch.  He was excited because we rented a Batman movie and invited his cousin to come over and watch it with us.
 They watched all of thirty seconds of the video and instead cuddled up on the couch and watched Batman clips on the IPad. 
 I think my nephew was a bit tired.
 Why not throw a cute picture of Ole Marley Charlie in there too.
 Believe it or not this was the pediatric dentist office that Bubby went to earlier this week.  He loved the waiting room but didn't love the dentist part of it too much.  Turns out he doesn't actually have a cavity....if there is a cavity it's very very small.  The problem is that a couple of his teeth did not develop the enamel like they were supposed to.  We are supposed to keep our eye on it and see if it gets worse or causes him any trouble but right now there is nothing to do.... PRAISE GOD!!!  The dentist was great and handled Bubby's freak out wonderfully.  I hope we don't have to go back to the dentist for a while.  It was hard on all of us.
Why not finish this post with a lil look-alike contest.  Amazing.

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