Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bubby's First Dentish Appointment

We were on our way to Bubby's first dentist appointment.  We were in Daddy's car which doesn't have a DVD player like these kiddos are used to so they were sound asleep pretty quickly.
 Sweet boy using Marley as a pillow.
We picked up Boppy on the way so she could watch Sissy while Dad and I go back with Bubby.  We were figuring it would take both of us to get Bubby to cooperate with the dentist.
Big boy kept asking, "Is it time to see the dentist yet?"  He was very excited.  We had been talking about the dentist for a while and I had a couple concerns I wanted to bring up to the dentist about Bubby's teeth.  One was a spot on his canine tooth.  But oddly enough Bubby couldn't wait to see the dentist.
 Red Bull and phone just chilling in the waiting room.
 We get called back and I decide to let Daddy sit in the chair with Bubby since my prego belly would kind of get in the way.  Bubby was glad to have his daddy there but he was all of a sudden very very scared of the dentist.  The dentist we chose to check Bubby's teeth is an elder at my mom and dad's church and a great guy, but his office is not necessarily for young kids.
 He tilted Daddy and Bubby back in the chair and asked that Bubby turn over and open his mouth.
Bubby turned over but he shut his mouth and his eyes as tight as he possibly could.  We used bribes, we used stern voices, we used everything we could think of and that boy would not open his mouth.  I ended up having to pry open his mouth with my fingers and holding it open while he bawled his eyes out.  The dentist was able to get a quick look around Bubby's teeth and he looked at the spot I was concerned about....and yes, it is a cavity. 
It is on the front of his canine tooth which the dentist says is an odd place for a cavity.  He believes that the tooth must've had a defect to start.  He said it could be that Bubby had a fever while that tooth was forming or he may of hit it at some point and that made it weak and prone to cavities.  The rest of his teeth and gums look great and even though it is a baby tooth he won't loose it until he is probably around 9 years old or older... so it will need to be fixed.  I am now in the process of trying to find the best pediatric dentist around to fix it for us. 
I'm pretty broken hearted that my lil three year old already has a cavity and I'm very concerned about what issues we might have ahead of us with his teeth.  The dentist says this could be the only issue he has....we just don't know.  But it is definitely odd for a three year old to have a cavity in that spot.  Praying it all goes smoothly for him.

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Felipe Roberson said...

Bubby's first visit started out as promising. It's too bad he got scared in the end. By the looks of it, your dentist's office does look quite imposing for young kids. At least on this visit, you confirmed your suspicions and got to the bottom of it. You're right in getting a pediatric dentist next time, so that Bubby would be more at ease. Take care!

Felipe Robertson @ Gerald Regni, DMD