Saturday, November 1, 2014

Visiting Nana in the Hospital

 We had a fun day planned of going to the St. Louis Zoo and then stopping by to see Nana who was still in the hospital after her surgery to remove her bladder and part of her ureter tubes.  Along for the ride was Bubby's favorite dog....Marley.  (This picture was taken before Marley got car sick leaving Bubby's new car seat covered in doggie throw up.)   
 The two kiddos were so excited to see their Nana.  They didn't hesitate at all by the site of all the wires and machines....they just wanted to be with their Nana that they love so much.
 These pictures still bring tears to my eyes because it makes me so unbelievably happy to see Nana sitting up and smiling and do so well.  It had been a very hard week.  The surgery was long and difficult and seeing Nana after surgery I was very scared that it was going to be a long time before we would see that amazing smile again.
 Sissy was telling her all about the animals we had seen at the zoo.
 The Good Lord knows that we can't handle life without this amazing woman and that so many people need her.  We are praising Him that Nana is still here and able to love on these kiddos. 
 Bubby is telling Nana all about the scary dinosaurs he saw in the simulation ride he took at the zoo.  He went into lots of detail.
 Sissy was so excited to be there.
 These kids have no idea just how big of a deal Nana's surgery just was and that it saved her life to where she will be around to watch them grow up..... Someday they will understand but for right now we are cherishing these moments.
 More stories about the zoo.
 Nana was telling Bubby about the new blanket she got.  Its truly the sweetest story.  Nana had gotten one of her other grandsons who is 4 years old a Ninja Turtle blanket because he was going to be having his tonsils out just two days after her surgery.  While my nephew was getting prepped for surgery there in the same hospital as Nana he was telling his nurse about the blanket that Nana had given him and he told the nurse that his Nana needs a blanket too.  The nurse then went back and grabbed this heart blanket and gave it to my nephew and before surgery my nephew walked over to Nana's room and gave her the blanket.  Nana told every person she could about that blanket and where it came from.  She said every time she saw that blanket she smiled because it not only made her think of her also reminded her of how much she is loved.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my mom and please know that your prayers have been felt.  She is home now and doing remarkably well.  We will forever be grateful for the doctors who performed such an amazing surgery and for the nurses who took great care of Mama....for those who have prayed and sent cards and made meals....but most of all for our Lord and Savior who has been with us through this valley and is giving us constant hope and strength every step of the way. 

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