Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

Last Friday night was Halloween and was when our town had their trick-or-treating.  We had been told that our street usually gets a lot of trick-or-treaters so we were excited to see them all.   
 I got the kids dressed up in their costumes and ready to go.  
 Happy Donatello!
 And goofy Leonardo. 
 We watched and waited for the trick-or-treaters to arrive. 
We were also waiting for daddy to get home from work so that we could all go out for a bit trick-or-treating ourselves. 
 Daddy ended up getting stuck in at work until late and couldn't make it home in time so the three of us went on our own.  Bubby was very excited but because of the 20 degree weather and wind and scary costumes walking around we ended up not lasting long outside trick-or-treating. 
 So we came home to pass out candy instead.  
 Bubby did a great job passing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters.  He wasn't scared at all...(Except for one costume and he asked me to give them the candy...after the scary costume left Bubby took a deep breath and said, "Glad that's over!!")
 Sissy enjoyed helping pass out candy too and she was even saying "Trick-or-treat" to all our guests.
 She wasn't scared a bit of all the scream masks that came our way.  Maybe because...
She tends to make that face a lot.  Goofy girl.
 It was pretty neat getting to sit back and watch my kiddos take the lead and pass out the candy this year.
 It was a very cold night so at one point Bubby decided to put his bike helmet on to keep warm.  Very creative.

We had an amazing evening...Just wish Daddy could've been there.  The poor guy came home in tears he felt so bad for missing it.  But we shared all our pictures and videos and stories with him and finished out the evening enjoying hot chocolate and some Halloween candy.

Here is one short video of the kiddos passing out candy.

Passing Out Candy Video

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