Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sissy's Signature Look

Sissy loves to make this shocked wide open mouth face when she gets excited or surprised or when she's just trying to be funny.  Yesterday I was at a friends house and we look over and there was Sissy standing in the middle of the yard with her mouth wide open in what seemed like complete surprise.  My friend said I need to get a picture of that....and I said, "Oh trust me....I have."  So here is a dedication post to Sissy and her signature look.
Going way back to last year....
The first time she pulled herself up.
I think this was just a big laugh.
 Holding a bat and a ball.
 In a swing at the park.
 At the fountain.
 Playing with the Jack-n-the-Box.
 This was when she was sick with the flu.
 Chillin' in the car.
Sportin' her sunglasses.

 Getting her apple stuck in the dishwasher.
 Watching blocks fall down.
 Seeing a sea lion swim by at the zoo.
 Lost in thought.
 Being silly while she ate supper at Nana and Gampa's.
 Still being silly.
 Shocked at the thought of the spoons falling under the dishwasher.
 Excited to be all clean.
 Showing off the banana she was eating for breakfast.
 Having fun with magnets after being caught eating a marker just a few minutes before.
 Having fun playing with something she's not supposed to.
 Looks like a stick-up.
 She's definitely got that look down.
Excited about eating strawberries.
 Getting cold water on her.

More Jack-n-the-Box fun.
 Swinging high.  
Trying to make mommy laugh.
I am glad that Sissy's signature look is so dog-on cute and not something like....
This or....
One of these days Sissy will stop making her adorable surprised face all the I am going to savor and enjoy each wide open mouth face that this lil girl makes as long as I can.  Precious and adorable if you ask me.

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