Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kids First Time Bowling

 After getting dinner at a pizza joint in town we discussed either going to the roller rink with the kids or bowling....Bowling won out considering that Sissy wouldn't be able to enjoy a whole lot with her roller skates on.
The bowling shoes worked out much better for her.
 And we actually went bowling about 2 weeks ago when it was still warm outside...unlike the 49 degrees and rainy that it is today when I write this.
 How exactly does a 3 year old pick out his bowling ball of choice....by color, of course.  He only wanted a blue one.  Dad was there to steer him away from the blue 12 pound bowling ball and to the orange 6 pound bowling ball instead.  Trying to save a few toes here.
 How does a 16 month old pick out her bowling ball of choice.... She doesn't....all she's thinking about is "How can I climb this rack of pretty balls."
 Excited about his bowling ball despite the color.  He's rearin' to go. 
 I'm sure it gets old having a mom who is constantly asking you to pose for a picture.  But doesn't he look cute. I'm sure he will thank me someday....Or maybe not.
 Dad showing Bubby how you first get your fingers dry on the blow dryer.
 And then bowling with perfect form.
 Although he wasn't expecting the loud sound the pins make when they fall.
 It's Bubby's turn to go.  
 Great job, Bubby!!!
 Watching it roll down toward the pins.
 You can't really tell but he's got his fists clenched and yelling "YES!"
 Second throw.
 Giving dad a high five.
 Really excited.
 Sissy's turn.
 Daddy helping...
 Good job, Sissy!!!
 Watching the ball roll down.
 She wasn't as excited as Bubby.    
 Not sure you are gonna fit through there, baby girl.
 Bowl #2
 Making sure not to cross the line.
 Watching in anticipation. 
 Squatting down like daddy.
 And jumping for joy.
 It was a lil late so Sissy just lounged around for the most part taking it all in.
 Bubby watching daddy bowl.
 This boy was cracking me up.  He would bowl....
 Get way down and watch...
 As the ball got closer he would start to rise up a lil. 
 Notice the hands up in the air...
 And finish with a high five for dad.  Love it.   
 Sissy taking another turn.  Notice it has turned into Cosmic Bowling at this point....Kids were not a big fan of this.
 Lovin' on daddy after she was done...
 At one point they started playing music.  Of course, that meant my kids were going to get down and boogie.  Bowling no longer was important to them.  It was all about dancing at this point.  Check out the video below and see what I mean.

Kids First Time Bowling Video

And even though nobody did great...please note that I won....Bubby and Sissy tied (but Bubby bowled most of Sissy's turns), and Daddy, sadly, got last.  Dad started off way in the lead and was talking smack to everybody....but about halfway through he couldn't hit a pin if his life depended on it.....and yes....that was even with the bumper rails up.  Bless his heart.  But I didn't rub it in any....honest.  I didn't need to.  Luckily he's a good sport and it was all about making sure the kiddos had a good time and that was definitely a success.  I'm sure we will be doing this again soon.

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