Monday, October 27, 2014

St. Louis Zoo 2014

 Hitting the road for the St. Louis Zoo.
 Getting ourselves all loaded up in the stroller for the zoo.  It was an absolute beautiful day.
 Bubby made a big ta-doo about how the Ninja Turtles live down in those man holes but of course I didn't get my camera out in time to get a good picture of it.
 First thing we did when we got inside was eat our packed lunches.
 Then we started looking for our first animal.  We never did ride the train but raced across the tracks a few times to avoid getting hit.
 Another look at the man hole.  I asked Bubby to stand on the man hole and smile for me.
 I guess that's a no.
 Looking for some sea lions.
 Walking through the tunnel.
 There's a sea lion...
 And he's looking right at us.
 He was following a ball that Bubby had in his hands.  Crack me up.  He looks like he's smiling.
 The kids loved it.
 Really loved it.
 Watching it swim over her.
 We started holding up the line so we decided to get out of the tunnel and try to find the sea lions above the water.
 And we found them.
 He was having a blast watching them swim around.
 Love that smile.
 Can you find the sea lion?
 While the boys enjoyed watching the sea lions swim Sissy enjoyed the rest of her lunch.
 Moving on to more animals. 
 I don't remember what these lil creatures are called...
 Time for the Jungle of the Apes.  I guess the sun was in Bubby's eyes.  Of course, I was a mean mommy and asked him to take his hands down.
 It worked but I think he still had his eyes shut.  Goofball.
 Can you see the ape?  He was laying down all sprawled out kinda funny but I never could get a very good picture of him. 
 But you get the point.
 Then Bubby went into a simulation ride and while he was in there I got Sissy out of her stroller and let her walk around. 
 Her worried look. 
 This is the ride that Bubby was in.
 According to Bubby "It was awful."  He hated it and screamed the whole time.  Apparently, there was a T-rex that kept chasing them and their seats would shake and go up and down during all of it.  There was lightning strikes and the T-rex was lunging at them to eat them.  Even one of the dinosaurs spit on them.  A very traumatic experience for the lil guy.  "I'm never ever ever ever gonna do that again," he cried.
 Moving on to better things.
 A cross between a donkey and zebras.
 Dunno what this is.
 Kids enjoyed riding around looking at the animals.
 Giraffes and an ostrich.
 Pretty cool if you ask these guys.
 This one got real close to everyone trying to eat the leaves on the tree.  Gampa said that from Nana's hospital room they could see the zoo.  Bubby said, "I bet they can see the giraffe's necks."
 Checking on more animals.
 This boy could be around animals all day everyday and I'm thinking Sissy is right there with him.
 Comparing his hand to that of a Lion.
 I think he's peeking in on a leopard.
 Here's two lions.  It was funny to watch these two cuz they were both sleeping but the lioness changed position and she accidentally knocked into the lion which startled him.  He jumped up growling and ready to fight.  Yikes.
 Poor girl.  She's got a defeated look on her face.
 Climbing on one of the statues.
 Whoops.  I promise we saw this after he had started climbing.  Moving on.
 Can you pick out Bubby?
 Heading down hill.
 Bubby loved the hills.
 Daddy....not so much.  Apparently, was goes down....must go up.
 There goes Bubby going hard up the hill.
 Having fun running up and down the hills.
 And then he hit a wall.  Said his legs were too tired to go on any further.
 He rode in the stroller the rest of the way to the Monkey House.
 I think this face is fitting because that Monkey House sure was stinky.  Good thing I'm pretty well passed the smells making me sick phase of pregnancy.
 Sissy checking out the monkeys.
 Waiting his turn.
Apparently this is some sort of a monkey.
 Peeking at him through the glass.
 Baby girl liked the monkeys....
 But she was also getting very sleepy.
 If anybody knows my moms dog Tiger they would know that this monkey looks just like that dog.  Crazy.
 After the Monkey House came the Snake House. 
 Checking out some fish.
 I was kinda hard to find each animal cuz they seemed to blend into their surroundings.... Guessing that's a defense that God gave them.
 I know how much you all love seeing these lovely pictures of snakes.
 Bubby thought they were cool but Daddy definitely did not.
 A poisonous frog.
 A big ole ugly turtle...but it's kinda hard to see.
 A HUGE snake.
 Another couple big turtles.
 Peeking in at a crocodile. 
 He couldn't get enough of the snakes.
 This one was actually climbing up the stick trying to find a way out.  That really creeped Daddy out.
After the snake house we were all exhausted so we headed back to the car.  We then drove to the hospital and saw my Mama.  More pictures to come from that soon.

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