Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Traditional Painting of the Punkins

 Getting some pictures of the kiddos by the fireplace next to their punkins before we got started.
 Pretty cute for an impromptu picture.
 Wish it was a lil more clear but still cute.
 Now its time to paint.  Bubby worked on his own and Sissy had help from her daddy.
 Who would-a thunk that Bubby G would choose blue as his first color to paint his punkin with.
 We couldn't get Sissy interested in painting.
 But she enjoyed watching Daddy paint...
 Looking good Bub.  I love how focused he was.
 He wanted it to be just right.
 Love this picture!! 
 The blue is looking good, Bubby....whatchya think of using a different color???
 Daddy wrote "Stand Up 2 Cancer" on Sissy's punkin in honor of Nana but he misspelled "Stand" so he wiped it off and started over.
 Working hard!!
 Bubby made the blue ninja turtle on his punkin.
 Sissy got hungry so we gave her a cheese stick to munch on.  She enjoys sticking the whole cheese stick in her mouth before she actually starts chewing.
 But it doesn't stop her from smiling.
 Apparently we are ONLY gonna use the color blue for our punkin this year.  At least it represents Bubby well.
 There's a lil smile from Bubby. 
When the kids got done painting their punkin I got to work on the punkin I paint every year for my Grandma.  I painted this years punkin in honor of Bubby and his love for the blue ninja turtle.  Happy Punkin Paintin' Y'all!!

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