Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

 You better believe that Bubby is a Ninja Turtle for Halloween this year.  He was one happy boy.
 I have recently got a new camera and I shot a lot of pictures so you will have to bear with me.  This one is just a half smile but its still cute.
 Sissy dressed up as Donatello and totally rocked it.  She was adorable.
 First stop was to Grandma and Papa's house where we got more pictures.
 Sibling love.
 Then Batman showed up.  These two were absolutely adorable.
 My newest lil nephew was Robin next to his big brother who was Batman.  We snapped this picture in the parking lot on our way to Trunk or Treating.
 Sissy was loving on her daddy on the walk over.
 The first thing Bubby saw was the animals.  I think he could see a horse from a mile away.  He couldn't wait to pet all the different animals.
 Sissy loves animals just as much as her brother so this was a big hit.
 Bubby even showed some lovin' to the dog they had there.  Talk about a well-behaved dog.
 The boys also got to pet a couple bunny rabbits.  Bubby was in heaven.
 Then it was time to get some candy.
 The boys knew just what to do.  They went to the first trunk with their buckets held out ready for a boat-load of candy.
 Sissy needed Daddy's help.
 But they were all having a great time.
 All three lined up for candy.
 Daddy would hold Sissy's bucket for her as she watched the candy flow in.
 What a big girl.
 Excited about his candy.
 Sissy was checkin' out all the candy in her bucket.
 She thought it would be a good time to sample a few pieces.
 Bubby was proud of his bucket full of candy too.  
At this point Sissy had figured out this game and was now leading the way with her bucket in hand ready to get some more candy.
 These two crack me up.
 Bucket in hand and she meant business. 
 There were other Ninja Turtles there but I'm pretty sure these two were the cutest.  Just my biased opinion.
 Walking with Grandma waiting for more candy.
 Bubby was ready for some candy but these girls weren't paying attention.
 Nothing is much cuter than a kid waiting for candy.
 Then we came up to this trunk. 
 Sissy wasn't too sure of this guy/wolf.
 I think she stood and stared at that wolf for a good two minutes.
 Bubby wouldn't even take candy from them.  They ain't no dummies.
 Grandma trying to get a picture of Sissy...Looks like Sis isn't cooperating too much.
 Lookie, Lookie what I got!!!
 Can you tell that majority of the time I was behind my kids following them from trunk to trunk. 
 Getting more candy.
 The frog trunk.  Pretty cute idea.
 More candy.
 Happy boy!!
 Sissy finally had enough and sat down in the middle of all the trunks and decided to start going through her candy.  Daddy was trying to get her to stand back up and keep going.
 In case you were wondering what happened to Robin....he was all snuggled up in his stroller.  Bright blue eyes and all.
 Bubby off getting more candy.
 And Sissy following suit.  People would have no problem with her getting a hand full each time.  I'm sure they were having a hard time telling her no.
 Granted her lil hands couldn't hold too much anyway.
 Trying to get it all in her hands.
 Batman and Leonardo comparing their stashes.
 Looking good Bubby.  
 Now if that isn't the cutest batman you've ever seen.
 Digging into more.
 And so is Sis.  She had no problem understanding what this trunk or treating is all about.
 She had enough of us not letting her eat the candy.  She decided to go for it anyway....wrapper and all.
 Here,'ve gotta try this.
 One of the trunks they had a game where the boys could shoot a nerf gun at a target.  They loved it.
 Bubby's turn.
 His reaction after hitting the target dead on.  Thata boy.
 Bubby sure does love his cousin.
 Not sure his cousin was as thrilled about this affection being shown.
 Playing another game....this time it was basketball.  Bubby decided that since his bucket of candy was in his right hand he'd just go ahead and shoot with his left....and he actually made it.  Wowzers.
 Ok...time for the cousin photo shoot.
 Pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.
 Close up of Bubby cheesin' it.
 This lil guy is so adorable and he was such a trooper for the night.  I love this picture.
 Sissy was still gnawing away at that sucker.  My guess is that she's made it passed the wrapper part.
 And our lil cheesin' batman.
 Always have one photo bomber....
 A close up of the two brothers.  
 Then we got a couple pictures of us as a Ninja Turtle family.
 Heroes in a half shell....Turtle Power!!
 Sissy was showing her muscles just like dad.
 While we stood in line for a hayride...Sissy gave her daddy some lovin'.
 One of the best feelings in the world is when your kiddo wraps their arms around your neck and squeeze for a big ole hug.  Priceless.
 The boys had fun while we waited for the hayride.
 Bubby kept saying "I'm practicing my moves."
 Run Batman Run.
 Crack me up.
 After a while Batman got tired of Leonardo chasing him.
 One more shot of Batman.
 Hayride fun.
We had a blast trunk-or-treating and thank you for bearing with me on all the pictures.  Happy Halloween.

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