Thursday, October 9, 2014

Egg The Praying Mantis

 This picture has actually nothing to do with Egg the praying mantis but I thought she looked so cute watching tv that I had to add it to this post.
 And technically this has nothing to do with it either.  The kids were coloring pictures of David and Goliath.  It is Bubby's favorite Bible story right now.  He can tell you how tall Goliath is and all about the Israelites and how God helped David beat Goliath.  He gets so excited when he sees Goliath so we had fun coloring him.
 Sissy doing a lil Etcha-Sketchin'. 
 Okay...time to explain a lil bit about Egg.  Egg is the name for our praying mantis that has lived on our porch screen for the last three months.  Bubby has grown very attached to Egg and has decided that he wanted to bring Egg inside to be our pet.  I was actually willing to go along with it because I know how much he misses Marley and would love having a pet again.  Then I started looking up what a praying mantis eats and apparently they like live insects.  Well....that changed everything.  I learned a lot about a praying mantis though while I was researching it and learned that they can shed their skin.  When we went outside that morning it looked as if that is what Egg was doing.  I got excited and thought we could bring in the part that the praying mantis shed and pretend its the real thing.  We even put together a bowl with a lid to put him in.  All we needed next was sticks and stuff to put inside the bowl to make it more realistic.
 So I bundled the kids up and we got ready to go outside and collect sticks.  Bubby wanted to bring his camera to take pictures of his pet praying mantis.
 This lil cutie looked so adorable in her lil stocking cap.
 Out we go to find some sticks. at this point I realized that the praying mantis wasn't shedding his skin but was mating.  That totally ruined my plan.
 Bubby taking a picture of his pet.  Doesn't this picture remind you of the boy from the movie Home Alone.
 Walking around looking for sticks.  Actually we were trying make sure Sissy didn't walk out to the road.  Traffic seems to be her favorite thing.
 Now we are getting somewhere.  Finding some sticks.  I didn't have the heart to tell Bubby that we weren't gonna be able to bring his pet inside.
 Taking pictures of sticks. 
 We weren't outside very long because it was actually a very cold and windy day.  When we came inside Bubby put together what he believed was the perfect cage and home for his pet praying mantis, Egg.  The bowl is under the laundry basket and they are both inside the red pet taxi.  He was thrilled at what he had put together.
 That afternoon I decided to take the kids to Pet Smart and to ask the workers there about the possibility of a real pet praying mantis.  I know this sounds crazy but if you could only hear just how excited Bubby was about it.  When we got to the store we saw some adorable dogs that reminded me of an old dog I used to have named, Precious.  I had to take a picture.
 We went and saw the fish while we were there too.
 Sissy loves fish.
After we saw some other animals like a Guinea Pig, some hamsters, lizards, and such, then I found a worker and asked her about the possibility of bringing this praying mantis inside.  I definitely got a look of being weird when I asked but she explained that it was not at all a good idea and that most likely the praying mantis would die. Bubby was devastated by this news. 
 We came home and I laid the kids down for a nap.  Bubby wanted to sleep in the laundry basket.  At first I fought him on it but he actually fell asleep in there.
 That afternoon when it was a lil bit warmer we went out again.  This time to do bubbles.
 Whoops!  That bubble must've knocked Bubby over.
 This was really the first time that we did bubbles that Sissy G actually took interest in them.  Always before she would ignore the bubbles and try to make her way to the road.
 Sibling picture time. 
 I was taking their picture which was actually turning out decent when Bubby informed me that he wanted his pet Egg in the picture too.
There we go.  Got all three of them.  You can just barely see Egg at the bottom of the window.
 Sissy off to find the road.  Beautiful sunset.
 Bubby taking more pictures of his pet.  Are you starting to see just how obsessed he has become with this thing?
He cracks me up.  I am glad to say that Egg is still at our window but I sadly must report that after she mated she ate the male.  That was a very educational site to see.  Bubby thought it was hilarious though. 

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