Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Punkin Fun

 We were invited to a punkin patch but this was not just any ole punkin patch.  This was a punkin sale to where all the proceeds go to the Type 1 Diabetes Foundation. 
This means a lot to our family because of my sweet nephew there on the left.  He was diagnosed with diabetes at the beginning of the year when he was only 2 years old.  I have been amazed at how him and his family have adjusted to their new lifestyle.  They honestly make it look easy though I know it is far from it.  He never complains and is always compliant to test his blood sugar and take his insulin.  He is one special lil boy. 
 This is his precious and adorable lil brother who is checkin' out all the happenin's at the punkin patch.
 Time for a hayride.  
 Notice the beautiful blue was a gorgeous day.  What you can't see is how hot it was.  A hayride at 90 degrees just isn't quite what you are expecting.
 Also notice who is with this cute lil man.  Sugar Baby.  Bubby was excited to share his punkin patch experience with his pretend baby brother. 
 One more cute picture looking up at Bubby and the blue sky in the background.
 Whoops... I lied.  Okay.  Now I'm done.  They were all just too cute to not share.
 Here is my two nephews and my brother in law getting ready for the hayride.
 Another fun picture of Bubby and Sugar Baby before we take off.
 Sissy was enjoying some special time with Grandma.
 Just chillin' next to Grandma before we take off.
 Giving me her "cheese" face. 
 This was our hayride driver.  He had to be burning up cuz after just one trip we were all roastin'.
 Bubby was trying to get his baby cousin to laugh.
 We realized that this might be a good chance to get a picture of all the grandchildren.
 Now if we could just get everyone to look our way. was a good thought but I don't think we are gonna make it happen.  
 I think this is the best we are gonna get.     
 Now on to the punkins.  Each kid got to choose one to take home.
 Looks like Sis found the one she wants.
 Hey....take a load off and sit a while.
 Now for this lil guy to find his punkin.
 Guess he found it and with Papa's help they loaded it into the wagon.
 Trying for a picture.  Lil girl's tush fit perfectly in the wagon for a nice lil seat.
 Why not try again with all the kids?
 And my brother-in-law too, of course.
 But we were still not able to get a good picture.
 We always seemed to get either 1 for 4 or at best 2 for 4 in kids looking. 
 Of course, it would've helped if Bubby was sitting our direction.
 Sissy's tush started getting sore in the wagon so we called a quits.
 Off to play games.  The had a fun dodgeball type game using toilet paper wrapped in orange duck tape.  All the kids loved it.
 They mostly enjoyed trying to hit Grandma.
 Big girl!
 Trying to pick up two.
 She did it.

We had a great time despite the hot weather and left with a good number of punkins.  Best of all we knew that the money is going to a great cause.
Unfortunately, we were almost home from the Punkin Patch when Bubby realized that he had left Sugar Baby behind.  You might imagine what a child would act like when he finds out he left his favorite toy behind.  You might expect crying or throwing of a fit.  But Bubby was actually genuinely worried for Sugar Baby.  I started hearing things from Bubby like...
"He's crying for me, mommy, and I'm not there."
"He's scared."
"I need to find him, mommy."
"He needs me."
"Do you think we will find him?"
"Tell them that he has spots on his belly and on his feet."
Praise God Sugar Baby was right where Bubby left him.  It was an adorable reunion.  But I will definitely have to keep a better eye on Sugar Baby next time we go anywhere.


carol l mckenna said...

Mrs G ~ you are blessed! ~ Sweet and lovely photos of a loving family !

artmusedog and carol ~ A Creative Harbor

Mrs. G said...

Thanks so much!! It was a fun day. Love the picture of your dog!!