Saturday, September 27, 2014

Days at Home and My Big Helper

 Everyday I'm realizing more and more just how big my lil man is getting.  And with that I'm having to learn that he can do more.  I have started letting him put together his lunches and snacks.  Here he is washing the grapes...drying them and putting them on his and Sissy's plate.
 One thing I always try to make time for is sitting down and playing one on one with each kid.  Sissy was asleep at this time so Bubby and I put together the train tracks and pretended to be Thomas and Percy.
 Another change around our house is that we are trying to eat healthier.  Less poptarts and more whole foods.  Bubby helped me make some healthy cookies. 
 Smelling the vanilla.
 He would hold the measuring tool and I would fill it up.  Then he would pour it into our mixing bowl.
 Stirring it up.
 Smelling the cinnamon.  He seems to really like that smell.
 And stirring it up.
 Adding some rolled oats.
 He did a great job. 
 And stirring it up.
 Bubby went in search for a fork...
 So we could mash up the bananas.
 With a lil help he got it done.
 He had a lil trouble pouring the mashed bananas into the mixing bowl....
So we used some teamwork to get it done.
 Stirring it up.
 Adding some chopped nuts.  And after getting it all mixed together we had to wait 10 minutes to let it set.
 Bubby thought in the mean time we could play the duck game.  He's explaining it to me here.
 I then needed to make a phone call so he sat with his monkey in his rocking chair to watch a lil TV.
 Then he came back and cleaned up the counter top for me.
 But after that he decided he would rather build a bridge with his blocks than finish the cookies.
 I understood.  So I finished the cookies on my own.  Boy did they make the house smell good.
 I also made our afternoon snack.  It was strawberry cream sandwiches.  Don't be fooled by Bubby's face....
 He loved them.
 He ate his sandwich....
 At his lil table in the playroom while watching Paw Patrol. 
 When Sissy woke up we gave her one too.  She seemed to approve of the snack.
 Here is the finished cookies.  They definitely don't taste like a chocolate chip cookie.  They have more of a healthy taste to them....but we have gotten to where we really like them.
 Bubby did his lesson on ABC Mouse while Sissy finished her snack.
 That snack is a definite do-againer.  The face says it all.
Days at home are the absolute best because we get to do our own thing and enjoy the day at our own pace.  I absolutely love days like this.

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