Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Wiffleball Game

   We had headed outside to play.  We even played a lil with the chalk....
 But it wasn't long before the game began.  Bubby was the batter and I was the pitcher.
 However Sissy wanted the ball all to herself.  She was a lil bit of a ball hog.
 Love the stance.
 Keeping his eye on the ball.
 Sissy asking Bubby for the ball.
 She constantly wanted her hands on the ball....which kinda slowed the game down.
 But she was very good at fielding. 
 It was just the giving the ball back that was hard for her to understand.
 Someday she will be able to pitch to her brother...we just aren't there yet.

We tried some to get Sissy to pitch to Bubby...but it was too hard for her to understand.  You can see in this video First Wiffleball Game Video

 Great hit, Bubby!!!
 Running the bases.  Somehow every hit turned into a homerun. 
 Sissy ran the bases too but got a lil off course.
Bubby pitching to himself.
After the game we then hit the road for the park.  Bubby no longer wants to ride in his stroller.  Let's just say it was a long time before we made it to the park.  But we always enjoy ourselves.  I'm sure we will enjoy many more baseball games in the backyard over the years.  Something I look forward to very much.

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