Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sissy's Many Faces While Enjoying Supper

 We were blessed to get to spend the weekend down with my folks and one of the great things about seeing them is eating their food.  If you know my folks at all you know that they definitely know how to cook.  I don't think this picture of my plate does the food justice.  Dad had grilled pork steaks and I have it covered in my dad's homemade BBQ sauce.  There were also chicken strips that I covered in wing sauce cuz I'm craving spicy food with this pregnancy.  My moms stir fry and a corn dish that is healthy and delicious.  Plus dad threw together a twice baked potato dish that was amazing.... he got the idea from Pioneer Woman.  It was absolutely delicious.  Well apparently Sissy thought so too as we were cracking up at all the faces she was giving us while she ate.
No words are really needed to describe each picture.... I hope you enjoy!!!

I think she gets her excitement for food from me.  Poor girl.  But it sure was fun to watch. 

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