Friday, September 12, 2014


The temps have dropped and so that means its time to bring out the fall/winter clothes.  Bubby has been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs and has ended up with a closet full.  This lil girl, however, is in dire need of winter clothes.  This jacket is 18 months and so it ended up being a belly-showing jacket most of the night but she still looked so cute.
With it colder I decided to put both kids in footies for pajamas.  Definition of footies is pajamas with feet on them.  Sissy loved hers....Bubby, however, thought he looked like a baby and hated it.
Here is where my orneriness came out.  I really wanted a picture of both kids in their footies standing next to each other.  Can you imagine how cute that would be?  So I told Bubby I will take his footie pajamas off just as soon as he takes a picture with Sissy.  This didn't thrill Bubby very much.
So he went in his room and hid under a box.  Note: We are still going through boxes and working on getting settled.
Sissy loved her footies and enjoyed posing for pictures for me.  She was even making her "cheese" face.
Not Bubby though.  You can see his footie feet sticking out of the box now.  Mr. G had given up helping me to get him to take a picture for me and went on downstairs.  I wasn't gonna give up that easy.  I had asked Bubby to do something and I wanted to follow through with it.  So I sat out in the hallway and kept encouraging him to do as mommy says.
In the meantime Sissy kept posing for pictures with her "cheese" face.  At some point I'll have to teach her how to say cheese without sticking her tongue out.  But right now it is adorable.
Sissy went over to talk to Bubby .... but she couldn't convince him to take a picture either.
Then Sissy found her favorite book and she brought it to me....
And she plopped herself down on my lap to read.  After reading that book approx. 37 times Bubby finally decided to come over and take a picture with Sissy in his footies for me.
Problem now was that Sissy wanted to read her book and didn't want to stand up for a picture. 
I called down to Mr. G for help.
Pleeeeeeaaaase Sissy.  Just one picture.
Not having much luck here.
Bubby cracks me up in this picture.
And this one....
And this one.... 
And this one.
He looks so cute in those footies. 
They are both smiling in this one.  I think this is probably gonna be as good as we get.
But I didn't stop there.  I wanted to try and get one of them standing right next to each other. 
Um....Yeah.  Bad decision.  Bubby was trying so hard to get Sissy to stand up and smile.  I appreciate his help but ..... It just wasn't working.
A picture says a thousand words.
We quickly got Bubby out of his footies and into his favorite attire....underwear and socks. 
Then the kids snuggled up with daddy for him to read them a bedtime story.  Sissy ended up sliding down to come sit on my lap and rock.  She is a cuddler at night time....and morning time....and basically all the time.  Which I love.
I snuck into each of their rooms to snap a sleeping picture.  There is something so sweet and peaceful about sleeping babies.
And yes....I still consider this one my baby.  Quiet possibly always will.  Just can't help it.
Bet you weren't expecting this picture.  But I had to include all my loves. 

My footie plans didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned but that's okay.  You win some....You lose some.  One thing is for sure....Bubby will never be seen in footie pajamas again.  That you can bank on.

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