Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Faces

 I had my phone out and the camera on my phone turned on.  Then I turned the camera to where Sissy could see herself. 
 In no time at all she started making faces at herself.
 Bubby had to get his turn too make his silly faces.
 You can imagine the giggling and laughing that was taking place while we were snapping each silly picture.
 Back to Sissy's turn.
 This has been her favorite face lately.
 But then she started exploring.
 And it was cracking me up.
 Typical girl wanting to see what she looks like with all kinds of faces.
 There we go.... she has definitely perfected her silly face.
 Bubby's favorite silly face is his tongue out and waving his hands around.
 And apparently sticking his belly out too.  Maybe he's trying to make his belly pop out like Mommy's...cause mine has definitely popped here lately.
Straight face...
Happy face...
Sleepy face.... (with an ornery smile)...
Surprised face...
Trying to see how wide I can open my mouth face...
And amazingly enough these kiddos conked out around 7:00 that night for bed.  I guess silly faces can really take it out of you.
 As I was sitting at the computer starting to blog about this Sissy crawled up on my lap and grabbed my phone....
 And took off where she left off.
I love every face of these kiddos from the smiles to the sillies... it all makes my heart happy.

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