Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bubby's Artwork

We had been out for a walk and Bubby found a leaf that looked just like a heart and he decided that he wanted to make his daddy a card that said I "heart" U using the leaf.  So when we got home we made the card.  I gave him an example of how to make an "I" and a "U" and was able to copy it pretty good.

Daddy is gonna love his card. 
But after making the "I" and the "U" Bubby wanted to make the whole alphabet.  I wasn't about to discourage him so we got to work.
First we got out one of our many alphabet books and Bubby started writing.
He looked at each letter and I would help some by telling him how to draw it and then he would do it on his own.
He was loving it...
And doing a good job.
Making a "Q".
Way to go Bubby.
Silly goose.

Sissy wanted to get in on the fun too so we got her some paper and a crayon to draw with.  I always have to keep a close eye on her though because that crayon could be gobbled up in no time and the only sign that would be left would be blue teeth on Miss Sissy G.
After we were done writing the letters we then put them up in our play room.  Bubby enjoyed saying each letter and its sound.
Finished product. 
The next day Bubby wanted to paint.
Focused look.
Any guesses on Bubby's favorite color?
Goofy boy.
It took forever before he decided his picture might need a different color other than just blue.
This ended up being the final product.  
And we ended up framing it for kicks. 
I know that most people won't find Bubby's artwork very special but I definitely do and even though it maybe doesn't go with our d├ęcor I will enjoy having it placed all through out the house.  

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