Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All I Wanted To Do Was Play With The Spoons

 Definitely learned my lesson to not load the dishwasher until Sissy is taking a nap.  I walk into the other room and come back to see this.

Dishwasher Disaster Video

Apparently only the lil plastic spoons were good enough to go into the dishwasher....anything else was tossed.
After she was done emptying the drawer she still wasn't finished with the dishwasher.
 Then it was time to decorate the dishwasher with spoons.
 Jet Dry???  Not here...we shove spoons in that hole instead.
 And she loved every minute of it.
 I guess that grin makes the clean up all worth it.  
 "Why have you never let me play with all the spoons before, Mom?"
 "It doesn't get any better than this."
 "A lid....No way...It must be Christmas."
 "Bubby!!!...This is not your territory.  I'm in charge of the dishes."
 "Oh brother...Sissy!  Are you serious?"
 "You better believe it."
 "Now if I could only reach a few more spoons.  Maybe I'll look in the sink."
 "Here, Sissy.  Let me help."
 "Noooo.  I don't want your help.  I wanna get the spoons by myself."
 "You're destroying all my fun."
 "Uh...Mom...Did you see what Sissy did?"

"All I wanted to do was play with the spoons."

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