Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rise and Shine

Just recently we have decided to stop nap time with Bubby G.  It had become a nightmare trying to put the lil guy to sleep for both nap time and bed time.  I think we spent two hours a day total trying to get him to sleep.  But now that he doesn't nap he has been falling asleep easy pea-zy for us. 
Sissy, on the other hand, still very much enjoys her naps.  You lay this lil one down wide awake and she will put herself to sleep and the only way you know she is awake is because you will hear her talking.  And she absolutely loves her crib. 
Nothing like a sleeping baby.  Precious.
Bubby is usually the first one to hear Sissy talking in her crib when she wakes up.  He's always excited for his sister to come back down to play with him.  You can tell she's still out of it in this picture.  Sleepy eyes.
Bubby started talking to her and she started waking up some.
Aww....fully awake.  That didn't take long.
Now Sissy has something to tell her Bubby.  Love stepping back and watching these two.  It does my heart good.

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